Something many people have in common is that they use internet and their preferred search engine is Google. The Google redirect virus takes advantage of this and takes over people's computers to scam them. Basically it is what is known as a browser hijack object virus. If you own a laptop computer or a desktop computer there is a 94% chance you will at some time get this on it.

Overall it's quite unlike most other rogue programs. It does not change any files or applications in your system. Instead it changes the base files that run your windows program and when it is done disappears from the system. This is one of the reasons it has become so difficult to find and get rid of. Do not let this scare you though; once you know you have it there simple steps to take to be rid if it.

Often when you go to websites they will direct you to other sites because they have moved, hit a dead page or they want to sell you something. Typically this is called linking and is very common. The virus takes advantage of this by only sending you to links of its choosing so the bad guys site traffic is increased.

It is very bad because it can alter many search engines including Google, bing, and yahoo among the big three. It can also affect many smaller less known search engines as well. It's a very real threat and not something that can be ignored because of the safety issues it presents for the average person.

To fix this you have to correct all the infected settings that were changed on your computer. There is a lot of user specific software that has been made to do this task. Generally there are two different ways to remove it. There is the automatic removal method, and the manual removal and then replace method.

The automatic removal method is probably the easiest method to use. Simply download a good spyware removal tool from the net. You can also buy one in the store. Open it up and carefully read through all the instructions. Follow all the instructions exactly. When you are finished, reboot your computer and hopefully it should be fixed.

The manual removal method is much more difficult. It is not something that should be tried by anyone who is not very familiar with how operating systems work and programing. It involves going into your root system files and replacing the infected files yourself. It is very easy to damage your system doing this if you do not know what you are doing. This is why it is best to use a program to fix it.

The Google redirect virus is considered to be one of the worst ones out there. Remember that often there is not one single anti-virus or anti-malware product that can detect and delete everything. This is why it is so important to always use a firewall and check your system regularly. Prevention is always 90% of the cure.