Separation anxiety is predominantly the cause of most canine behavioral problems in both adult dogs and puppies. And many problems such as chewing, excessive barking or digging up your back yard happen from a lack of communication between you and your pooch. Basically your dog does not know what you expect of him.

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Using some effective obedience training techniques at the developmental stage of your dog's life, is the best way to prevent  any problems from occurring, now or in the future.
It's important to have taught your dog that you are the Pack leader and that when you set the boundaries of acceptable and unacceptable behavior you hold fast to them. Make it easy for your dog to understand the boundaries by being consistent. To help avoid behavioral problems you must make it clear to your dog what is acceptable and what is not acceptable  behavior every time.Understanding And Solving Dog Behavior ProblemsCredit: morgue file

Do not think that your dog is out to upset you or make you angry when he starts playing up this is not the case, most of the time there will be a trigger that sets the bad behavior off, and as the pack leader it is imperative you find out what that trigger is to be able to solve the problem.

Are you rewarding your dog inappropriately, there by rewarding him for the behavior problem you are trying to eradicate? For example someone walks by your house and your dog spots this person and start barking excessively, your pooch is  warning the person that this is his domain and that person should stay away. But for you the owner having to listen to his excessive barking, it just gets very annoying, so do you call him away from the window telling him "Be quiet" or even physically remove him from the window  and then rub his neck to help calm him down? If you do, then you are rewarding him for his actions, he is then going to repeat said actions because he gets a reward.

It is a desperately sad reality that most the dogs that end up being abandoned or put in dog shelters end up their because of various types of canine behavioral problems, we live in a throw away society,  and now instead of fixing an issue we just get rid of it. Yes destructive  aggressive dog behavior patterns are the hardest behavior issues to solve but through proper positive reinforcement training, patience  and persistence  their behavioral problems can be eliminated, and they can go on to live happy and well-adjusted lives again.

I will be adding articles on specific dog behavior problems and how to help get rid of them, in the days and weeks to come if there is a particular problem you have with your dog let me know.


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