Did you know that in 2008 alone, there were more than 700 deaths and thousands more of injuries related to bicycle accidents.

And for a bicycle messenger, these risks are an everyday occurrence in their line of work.

That is why it is important for them to understand the dangers so that they can take preventive measures.

But what are the common causes of bike messenger accidents?

According to studies, there are two common myths that ultimately result in bicycle accidents.

Those are:

  • Bicyclists have no right on the road – Most people find these bike messengers a nuisance and believe that they should not even be on the road. Most think that bicycles should also just stick to the side and give way for larger vehicles.

However, these beliefs are wrong because bicycles on the side of the road are less visible and more likely to be struck by passing vehicles.

  • Riding a bicycle in traffic would end in an accident – Although this is not all false, it does not mean that there are no measures that can be taken to prevent bicycle accidents. In fact, most of the bicycle collisions could have been prevented if not for some form of negligence in the part of the bicyclist or the other motorist.

To help bicycle messengers and all bicyclists in general, here are some safety tips that they can follow:

  • Wear a helmet – This will protect you from major head and brain injuries.

  • Keep yourself visible – Make sure that the other drivers can always see you. Wear bright colors and place light mechanisms on your bicycle.

  • Use the whole lane – If there is no bicycle lane and you have to share the road with other vehicles, do not stick to the side and go to the middle of the lane.

  • Do not ride against the traffic – Although you will see incoming vehicles better when you drive against traffic, these drivers do not see you as clearly and it puts you in more danger.

If you are involved in a bicycle messenger accident, here are your options:

  • Worker's compensation – Although bike messengers work outside a specific workplace, they are still covered by worker's compensation. However, taking advantage of worker's compensations also surrenders your rights to sue your employer.

  • Lawsuit – You can sue the liable party that caused your injury such as the driver who you collided with, the bike manufacturer if there are bike defects, the city for dangerous road conditions, or your employer (except if you availed of worker's compensation).

Consult a bicycle accident attorney to know your options.