Body language is the most common form on non-verbal communication, accounting for about half of the forms of communication used between members of the opposite sex. While most people are able to decipher a lot about a person's feelings or mood based on their words and facial expressions, some body language indicators can go completely undetected. In fact, on a first date, about 90% of the communication is non-verbal, unspoken body language. Most of our body language is subconscious, with the person displaying it not even realizing the message they are sending. Figuring out your partner's body language on your rencontre is essential to making the right impression and knowing whether you and your date are compatible.

Positive Body Language:

Tilting the Head

In the animal kingdom, animals tilt their heads to one side to tune into a sound or something that has attracted their attention. Humans use this same gesture to signify interest. In a dating setting it may mean "come closer" or welcome the partner to move in closer proximity.

Eye Contact (or lack of it!)

On your next rencontre, take note of how often your partner holds your gaze. Gazing into a person's eyes while they are speaking indicates you're interested in what they're saying. Making eye contact, however, is not the same as starting. Holding a gaze for longer than a few seconds can make your partner feel ill at ease or insecure. At the same time, if your partner's eyes are wandering around the room or he or she is looking down at the table or some other object, it may be a sign of boredom. Switching to a different topic may help to regain your partner's attention.


A light brush on the hand or arm is a subtle way that couples show interest and affection for each other. Some men will place their hand gently on the woman's back as she walks through a door or lightly touch her face to show affection. During your rencontre, try lightly touching your date in a non-sexual and non-aggressive way to show your interest.


Another subconscious way that people show they are interested in their partner is by making themselves appear more attractive. Your rencontre may repeatedly straighten his tie, brush his hair or polish his glasses. Women may toss their hair around, tuck a strand of hair behind her ear or smooth out her clothing. These are all signs of attraction and you should take notice of them to make sure that you are responding appropriately.


Your partner may subconsciously imitate your movements and gestures in an effort to show closeness or solidarity. This may include turning their body in the same direction as yours or placing their feet in a similar posture. This action is usually subconscious and the person is rarely aware that they are doing this. This can be a very great clue that your date is sincerely interested in you and wants a closer connection to you.

Signs Your Partner is Uninterested:

Tapping or Drumming

When a person is bored or disinterested, they will sometimes tap or drum their fingers on the table or other surface. This is the body's subconscious way of keeping itself occupied. Your rencontre might not be going as well as you think if your date continually taps her feet or fingers.


The universal sign for tiredness, yawning might indicate that your partner is not interested in your conversation and is having a physical reaction to the boredom. If your date is yawning frequently, changing the topic or asking them more questions may be a good way to break up the boredom.

Crossed Arms

People may "close themselves off" when they are defensive or uninterested. The person may fold or cross their arms as a means of keeping other people at a distance. Take note of how the conversation is going if your date is crossing their arms (sometimes crossed legs may indicate the same disinterest). Switch to a lighter topic or attempt to get your partner to open up by getting them to uncross their arms. Handing them something or asking them to do something with their hands (handing you a book, for example) can sometimes do the trick.

Reading your partner's body language is important to find out whether the first date will lead to a second. By taking note of the cues that your partner is giving, you can have a successful rencontre and enjoy great chemistry with your love interest.