Brushless motors have some key advantages over traditional brushed motors. Understanding these motors is important to making the right choices, with regard to the motors you or your business may need.

In most DC motors, one or more permanent magnets are on the outside of the device and a spinning armature is on the inside. The magnets do not move, and are referred to as the stator. The moving armature is referred to as the rotor.

Inside the armature is an electromagnet. When current flows to the electromagnet, it makes a magnetic field that both attracts and repels the magnets present within the stator. The result is that the armature spins. To maintain the spinning, the poles of the electromagnet must change. The brushes in the motor manage the polarity change, contacting the spinning electrodes of the armature and turning over the electromagnet’s polarity.

Brushed motors have some important drawbacks, such as the eventual deterioration of the brushes, sparking and noise, speed limits caused by the brushes, difficulty in cooling the electromagnet and limits on the number of poles of the armature.

Inexpensive computer and power transistor technology has enabled manufacturers to invert the design of the motor to create the brushless servo motor. Brushless motors rearrange the design of the motor, placing the permanent magnets on the armature and the electromagnet on the device’s stator. A computer is used to manage the charging of the electromagnets, handling the polarity shifts.

Brushless motors have a number of advantages, including increased precision and speed control, less electrical noise, no need to replace worn out brushes, easier cooling of the electromagnet, and the capacity to have more electromagnets in the stator.

The major drawback of brushless motors is that they are significantly more expensive than brushed motors. However, the increase in efficiency and product longevity you can obtain with a brushless motor makes it well worth the larger upfront investment.

When selecting motors for your needs, things to consider include maintenance costs, the specific needs of your enterprise, and other costs. If a brushless servo motor is the right choice for your enterprise, there are a variety of places you can obtain one, including online sales sites. When purchasing online, be sure that you’re buying a quality product and that you are dealing with a reputable dealer. Checking review sites and forum discussions can be helpful to determining if you’re dealing with the right people and buying the right gear.