Motivation is a pretty nifty subject. It's something we're faced with everyday. "Do I really want to get up today?" "Do I really have to clean the dishes?" "Do I have to study now can't I just watch a bit more TV?" all these questions are typical things we tend to ask ourselves when we're in need of some quick motivation.

But what daily motivation is, is the drive we need, in order to do the things we want to. It's about developing the habit and consistency to take action daily. Now, it's one thing to just listen to go to motivational seminars and get pumped up once in a while, but we soon learn that this energy quickly dissipates. What we probably don't know is that getting amped and motivated only really lasts for a "maximum" of 7 days. Now we can probably relate to this and here's a quick example. Have you ever had one of those new years resolutions? Yeah, that things that you make once a year and never follow through on? Well we probably took it on seriously for a week or so then we kind of lose track. It's one of the biggest examples of how important daily momentum is. 

The main reason we lose our drive to be all that we want and aspire to be, is derived from our external environment. It's simple, if were not moving forward we're declining. If we're not growing, we're dying. If we're not actively trying to keep the ball rolling just a bit everyday then, there's always that demotivation from the outside world that comes to strike us down. If everyone and everything in life was pushing for our success, then don't you think you'd probably do more of what you've set out to do and achieve?

The simple fact is that there's just too many demotivational factors playing in on our current environment, skepticism, people who are quick to judge and criticise, even your own brain works against you subconsciously to undermine all that you want to be. So we must actively and consciously take control of our daily motivation and the thoughts that go into our minds at any given point.

You need to have that shower of motivation everyday, to wash away the dirty negativity that you pick up from your day. - Zig Ziglar concept

Don't get me wrong though, most people have the best of intentions for your well-being, especially if they're friends or relatives giving you advice on what to do. However, little do they realise, that their good intentions may have a negative affect on your situation. By trying to be helpful, and trying to make sure that you don't suffer, they might say stuff like: "Oh, it's only just one piece of chocolate," or "Why do you always have to try so hard?" or "Why don't you just quit? Obviously, it's not working out for you, try this thing, it's a lot more suitable for you." These little contributions radically stack up in a short period and eventually lead to derailing you off your course.

You must closely watch the things that are going into your mind, and asking yourself, "is this beneficial for me?", or "what intention does this person have by saying that, and is that congruent with my goal?"

Jim Rohn, a motivational speaker, uses the analogy, if your worst enemy comes and puts a cube of sugar into your coffee, then what happens? It'll just taste a bit sweeter. Now, if your best friend comes and accidentally drops a drop of poison in your coffee, then what happens? It'll kill you. The moral is, always watch what goes into your coffee, and make sure that it is what YOU want to put in it. The concept is exactly the same with our minds and the things people tell us, which invariably will affect our actions, behaviour and outlook on life.