Where there is a member of the armed forces, close by is usually a weapon. Handling weapons is an everyday task of many of our military's personnel. One of the most important issues surrounding weaponry is safety. When in the field, they must be ready to handle any situation that comes their way. They must be able to use both of their hands for climbing, moving things out of the way, crawling, etc. The rifle sling allows them to keep their weapon on their body and have it ready in a split second in the event of enemy fire or protection of themselves or the men and women close by them.

Having a sling will allow the weapon to be positioned at the gunner's choice of shoulder, back or chest with the muzzle in an upward or downward position. Most slings are made of nylon or elastic webbing designed for comfort, easy use and safety. The sling is an integral item for positioning and steadiness of the rifleman's hands. A single-point sling is designed to allow the operator to transition from firing to the opposite shoulder. This allows him or her to keep the weapon on his or her body, while having it dropped downward. The single-point is not intended as a carrying aid, but it is used to steady the rifle. If you are right handed, the sling attaches to the top of the left arm and clips to the front of the rifle while the left arm is wrapped under the sling. The advantage to a single-point is that it makes it easy to switch from one shoulder to the other. While the single-point sling can only be worn in one way, the three-point sling has many advantages and is in some cases better than the single-point.

The Three-point sling functions like a harness and is strapped to the shooter, allowing him or her to release the weapon and commence other tasks while keeping the weapon on his or her body. There are at least six ways to wear a three-point sling. One way is "military patrol ready". This position permits the gunner to keep his or her weapon at the hip and ready to fire for long periods of time without fatigue. The design of the three-point sling consists of a loop of cordura material or something similar to it, that loops around the torso and two straps that go to the front and the rear of the weapon, giving the three points for the name of the sling.

When in the military or law enforcement careers, it is sometimes necessary to use a weapon, and for each task a different weapon may be used. Since each weapon is of course designed different for many types of use, the slings used are designed to suit each weapon for adjusting for speed, accuracy and steadiness.

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