Domestic abuse situations are found all over the world.  Unfortunately, it happens to many people and it is hard to get out of the relationship until it is too late.  There are signs you can look for to determine if you are in an abusive relationship.

Physical Abuse: One of the most common signs of being in an abusive relationship is physical abuse.  The person who you are with may not show these signs out in public, but you will be able to see them when you are alone together.

Emotional Abuse: Emotional abuse is another sign of domestic abuse.  If the person you are with is calling you names, humiliating you or making you feel bad about things, it is time to get out of the domestic abuse situation fast.  Calling someone ugly and fat is definitely emotional abuse.

Harassment: Harassing someone in various ways is one sign of domestic abuse.  People harass others in sexual ways and other ways which is not right.  Sending unwanted texts to someone is harassment and is a serious threat.

Threats: There are many different types of threats that one could make.  It doesn’t even need to be directly related to the person.  For an example, if the person suggests that they are going to commit suicide if you leave, it is a dangerous sign.  They may make threats to hurt you or do illegal things.  People who are always in control in the domestic abuse relationship will use threats to get the other person to stay with them.

Intimidating: When you feel intimidated to be with the one that you once cared about it is not right.  Someone could feel intimidated by the actions that the other person makes towards them.

Financial: Someone who is in control puts a limit on spending and their financial matter.  They may not allow another person to spend money on something that they would like to buy.

Not Including: Someone who may be in control of a domestic abuse situation may not include the person they are with.  When they go out with friends or to some special event that will most likely not even invite them.  The one involved is forced to stay at home and usually is diagnosed with depression from not being able to socialize with their friends and peers.

Black Mail: Black mail is another sign of domestic abuse.  Blackmailing them with pictures or other information is not right and you could get in serious trouble for doing it.  This is a sign of someone who wants total control in a domestic abusive situation.

Power: Of course the one who wants all the power is the one who is in control of the domestic abuse relationship.  They will most likely make sole decisions for someone regarding the relationship and the person as an individual.  They may not allow the person to leave the home or go socialize with their friends or family.

While many people thing domestic abuse situations are most common for women, there are many men who have abusive partners as well.  It is extremely important for someone in this type of relationship, to get out of the relationship quickly before it is too late.

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