Understanding Your Kailua Kona Extended Stay Options

Where to Shack up for a Couple Months on Big Island

A vacation to the big island of Hawaii. For some, it's a dream they save for years to achieve. For others, a business trip to the area allows for a precious opportunity to sneak off to enjoy some of Kailua Kona's best offerings. Either way, most people that come to this island paradise find their time is just too short, no matter how long they got to stay. Thankfully, extended stay options in Kailua Kona can give you some extra time to fit in all the adventuring and relaxing you've come so far to experience. Some of the best and most trusted local hotels and resorts in Kailua Kona offer extended stay options for families and travelers wanting to stay much longer than the usual 2 weeks in paradise. Here is some information on three of the most popular extended stay hotels in Kailua Kona. 

The King Kamehameha - An Extended Stay Hotel in Kailua Kona 

Also known as the King Kamehameha Kona Beach Hotel, this special spot welcomes guests from all over to stay as long as they like. Talking with the girl at the front desk revealed that the King Kam, as it's known locally, has hosted some extended stay guests for as long as a year. They are more than happy to book a long term stay for travelers and their family that want to give themselves an opportunity to experience more of what the Big Island of Hawaii has to offer, without feeling rushed to cram everything into two hectic weeks. 

There are a couple of great advantages to choosing the King Kamehameha beach hotel as your extended stay destination. For one thing, this hotel's location simply can't be beat. Nestled right in the very heart of downtown Kailua Kona, Alii drive, longterm guests staying here will be able to walk to and from the best restaurants in town - in about 30 seconds. You won't have to worry about arranging for a cab or driving after dinner if you choose to stay at the King Kam. 

The King Kam is also unique for offering guests a direct entrance to the ocean. Being situated right next to the pier, King Kamehameha extended stay hotel guests can simply walk right into the water when they wish, or enjoy a number of adventurous activities like paddle boarding, scuba diving, or snooba - a scuba diving experience that uses a long hose so the diver doesn't need to wear a tank! All these activities are run right in front of the King Kamehameha hotel and just down the street on Alii drive. If you are bringing the whole family and everyone wants to try something fun and new, you can bet that the King Kamehameha will be a great choice for an extended stay hotel. 

Pricing and Contact Info

You can reach the King Kam front desk by calling (808)-329-2911. Although room rates are always subject to change, you can expect to pay about $157 per night on average. Guests at the King Kamehameha beach hotel get to enjoy free wifi for ipods, laptops and other devices. The King Kam usually keeps their room rates the same for both weekdays and weekends. 

Making the Sheraton Keauhou Bay Resort Your Extended Stay Hotel

For those that don't necessarily want their extended stay in Kailua Kona to be right downtown, the Sheraton Keauhou bay resort is a great choice. With a lavish and private pool that is itself oceanview, the Sheraton keauhou bay resort and spa definitely caters to a slightly more upscale clientele. This hotel is also happy to accept extended stay vacationers who want a little more time to discover all that the big island has to offer.

The nice thing about this hotel’s location is that you’re not so far away from the action that you have to put up with a long ride from town. You can gently cruise along Alii drive and savor the intense and beautiful Hawaiian flora and dazzling views of the ocean, especially at sunset. It will take you about 15 to 20 minutes to get to downtown Kailua Kona depending on traffic and the time of day, but when you return to your extended stay home at night you will be glad to be a bit out of the bar district, which can sometimes get loud depending on who’s out that night. 

You will also enjoy great perks at the Sheraton keauhou bay resort like an in-house spa with special treatments to help ease you into a state of paradisical relaxation so you can start off your extended island stay the right way. Whether you want some special treatment at the on-site hair and nail salon, or you'd rather just a massage, the Sheraton Keauhou bay resort can accommodate your needs. 

Pricing and Contact Info 

You can reach the Sheraton Keauhou bay resort's front desk at (808)-930-4900. Although room rates are always subject to change based off availability and the demand of the season, you can expect to pay roughly $159 per night for partial oceanview rooms or $169 per night for full oceanview. Many opt to pay the extra $10 per night to ensure they can enjoy full oceanviews to enhance their extended stay on big island. Little perks like free breakfast make many families happy to set up their extended stay here. Guests also get to enjoy free wifi, which should make the whole family happy. Be aware that you will require a major credit card in order to make a reservation. 

Don't Forget to Consider the Kona Islander Inn for Your Extended Stay Home on the Big Island

Of all these extended stay options in Kailua Kona, perhaps none are as ideally suited for visitors that are going to be staying long term as the Kona Islander Inn. This hotel is actually half hotel and half condominium. Many of the condo owners who are not currently living on big island or in Kona will allow the hotel to rent out their rooms like regular hotel rooms. 

This is a cool idea because every room has little personal touches that make it unique. The owner might have installed different lights in the kitchenette or stocked their shelves with special plates and bowls. Or, you might find that the extended stay room that you've rented features a particular style of artwork and decorations, suited to the owner's tastes. 

The Kona Islander inn typically has the most affordable rates, and unlike other extended stay hotels they do offer discounts for folks that are staying longer than a few weeks. There is a central pool for you to cool off in, as well as a jacuzzi and large poolside grills that residents are welcome to use. There is a friendly cleaning staff that comes through once a day if you'd like to have your room cleaned and your sheets replaced and turned down. Or, if you prefer not to be disturbed you can just say so and relax inside without being rushed out the door. 

The Kona islander inn also features a nice little business center downstairs across from the front desk, where guests can pay for internet and computer use or run faxes or copies as needed. The rooms themselves tend to be a bit larger than other Kailua Kona extended stay hotels, because they were all originally designed as condominium units. This makes them especially comfortable for extended stay guests and families that would begin to feel cramped in a normal sized hotel room. You even get a balcony! 

The Kona island inn is another ideally located choice for people coming to visit Kailua Kona for the first time. It's right in the center of the restaurant and bar district on Alii drive, even closer to the action than the King Kam. This is perfect if you're looking for oceanviews and quick easy walks to and from the delicious food and paradise libations. 

Pricing and Contact Info

You can reach the Kona Islander Inn's front desk at (808) 329-9393. Usually the Kona Islander Inn's rates stay pretty stable. They charge around $79 a night initially, but even if you opt for two nights the price goes down to $69 per night. You can get a better discount by opting for an extended stay here. Unfortunately, no free wifi is offered here, which can become a major factor when considering which location you and your family would enjoy most during an extended stay on big island.