Burn injury due to a fire accident can be the most devastating event in your life. The victim may need a series of surgical operations to restore body functions. Severe burns may cause long term damage to the body that may even cause death.

Burn injury can be:

1. First degree burn- It affects the first layer of the skin.

2. Second degree burn- It affects the first layer of the skin plus the tissues.

3. Third degree burn- It is the most severe type of burn and injures the skin, tissue, muscle, and nerve damage.

Car fire due to a SUV rollover accident may cause burn injury. When the car is in a toppled position, the gas tank may leak and eventually explode. The difficulty lies when the driver or passengers are trapped inside due to a crushed roof, resulting to more body injuries.

Burn injury can also be caused by these:

1. Chemical burns caused by hazardous household products

2. Burns on construction sites

3. Residential and commercial fire

4. Electrical burns caused by electrocution

5. Defective equipments

6. Industrial accident

7. Thermal burns

8. Fires in structures

9. Motorcycle accident

Here are some types of burn injuries:

Electrical burn injuries- It is caused by high voltage exposure to electricity. The electric current will trigger a severe exit wound, and may affect the heart function.

Flammable clothing burn injuries- Some clothing fail to comply with the safety regulations of Flammable Fabrics Act and cause fire hazard to industrial workers. The flammable cloth may come into contact with a hazardous chemical and the fire will easily spread on the victim's body.

Thermal Burn injuries- Temperatures of 115 degree and above may cause burn injury hazard to workers or family members in contact with steam equipments. Flash and hot surfaces may also cause burn injuries, especially to young children.

Automobile Fires and burn injuries- Gas explosion from car collision and roll over accidents usually trigger car fire, and cause burn injury.

Chemical burn injury- Acids, strong bases, and flammable chemicals can be a hazard to students working in a laboratory. Schools are required to abide with existing safety procedures on laboratory activities. The state also requires that employers safeguard industrial workers to wear safety clothing that will serve as protection from strong fumes.

Structure fires and burn injuries- Heating and electrical equipment cause residential or office fire among


Consequences of Burn injuries are:

1. Loss of ability to regrow skin

2. Loss of Sense of Touch

3. Loss of Elasticity

4. Need of Protection from weather

5. Loss of ability to perspire

6. Risk of Infection

If you are injured in a Fire accident and you sustained burn injuries, you may consult a professional Personal Injury Lawyer in Los Angeles and seek compensation for your injuries.