Three things to consider with Keywords

If you are a serious blogger or person who is working on trying to get their page ranked in Google then understanding keywords is critical. I would say this is the most critical topic a person could study before even beginning to spend hours and hours writing a blog entry or a post.

Why would you start framing a house without first laying the foundation? You wouldn't. Therefore, you need to realize that keywords are your foundation and before you begin to build your website, blog, or e-commerce site, you need to know this topic.

Here are 3 things to consider with keywords:

1) Choosing the right Google Keyword

 This process sounds simple, right? For example, I like baseball so I am going to use the keyword baseball and find a domain available with baseball in the domain name. Even though I might be passionate about baseball and could write a lot of content, I would have some stiff competition for ranking on Google. The goal is to reach #1 on the first page. However, in this example I would be competing with ESPN, MLB, and other sites like Baseball Almanac. Understanding the level of competition is vital.

You can do this by going to Google and entering your keyword in the search and see what sites come up on the first page. If the first page contains with major corporations then you probably want to find another playing field before going into a Battle of Little Bighorn scenario. I wouldn't stand a chance against ESPN. Choose a keyword with little competition.

2) Choosing a Keyword with Traffic

 You want a keyword with little competition but it needs to have a good amount of traffic to be worth your while. You can view the traffic by using Google's AdWords Tool. This tool is free and will show you what your competition is for that keyword as well.

 I like to have at least 75-100 daily visits to a website as a guideline. That is my preference but you might want something more.

3) SEO - Search Engine Optimization

 Study up on SEO as much as possible. Without knowing the successful strategies involved you Google Adwords and Keywordscould have the greatest keyword with little competition and good traffic but fail because of not understanding SEO. Google's algorithms play a huge role in how the page ranking works. Read as many books on SEO, tips, and tricks for increasing your site. The small investment will pay dividends later.

Again, make sure you choose a keyword you are passionate about as you will have to write about your topic. Second, check the competition and traffic to give yourself the best chance at success. Finally, read up on as much as you can as knowledge is power and one little tip could be the difference between you being in the number one spot on google which gets 42% of visitors or the number two spot which gets 12% of visitors. Huge traffic difference.

I wish you all the best.