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Understanding Google Page Rank

Historically webmasters spent a lot of time studying the little green bar signalling the page rank of a website. We waited for weeks with bated breath for the page rank update. Updates were monthly. Over time they have been becoming less regular and less frequent.

We are all striving to make as much money as we possibly can online. When we run an Internet business, Google is a crucial part of our strategy. Google represents around 70% of all global searches. It would be interesting to know a statistic for how many people purchase through Google, compared to those that purchase through searches on other search engines. It is certainly true that tech savvy search engine users try google first.

In 2012 around 36 million UK consumers made a purchase online. With improvements in home and mobile broadband in the UK more of us are finding the products and services that we use in our lives online.

There is no doubt that the Internet that we have access to has improved very very fast. Fibre-optic broadband is bringing a revolution in home broadband. With speeds starting from 24 mb per second it offers plenty of bandwidth for the requirements in just about any home.

On the mobile broadband front we have seen 4G connectivity beginning to supersede the third generation of mobile broadband. 4G is at least 10 times as fast as 3G, offering theoretical top speeds of over 100 MB per second. Only time will tell how good 4G actually gets.

The improving broadband statistics certainly mean one thing; more people are going to be using their laptops, tablets and smart phones to purchase products online.

So What Is Google Page Rank?

Google pr is a measure of authority of a website. All websites are ranked between 0 and 10. Historically people felt that the Google page rank was the key indicator of whether a search page ranks or not. The reality is that it became a comfort indicator for webmasters to know whether they are doing well or not.

Nowadays, most webmasters have stopped studying the google page rank bar on such a regular basis. However, it still does have its usefulness as an indicator of progress.

Page rank is largely driven by the quantity and quality of external links pointing in to your website.

It’s About the Right Links

It is very important the types of links that you are getting. A link from an external website acts as a vote, promoting your website. Links are the way that search engines have historically assessed whether a website is popular or not.

If most of your links are coming from low quality, unpopular websites, then you are unlikely to be able to get high page rank. High page rank comes from authority websites linking to you.

Links Lead To Followers

The popularity of your website and page rank will be driven by the quality of the sites that link to you. In addition, having lots of high ranking pages linking to you mean that you have more social media followers. Google has stated that social signals are becoming an increasingly important aspect of their algorithm

A combination of high authority link this and social signals will no doubt lead to higher page rank.

It Matters Who Votes

Google takes into account who is actually linking to you. Links websites are better trusted than .com websites. Similarly, certain websites have built a reputation for being authorities online. If you can get links from the BBC website than they are worth their weight in gold (whatever they do weigh?!?).

If you’re getting links from poor quality websites then you will lose credibility. Don’t get links from link farms or spamming websites. If you have masses of links from low quality websites Google will also perceive an issue. Look into the Penguin and Panda updates to find out more.

The Profile of Voting

If you are getting votes from high authority websites then that’s great. However, if those websites link to lots of different websites then your link will be devalued. You want to get links from websites that are selective about who they link to and have high page rank.

Link Exchanges

It used to be the case that webmasters sought link exchanges in order to promote their brand. These days link exchanges tend to cancel each other out. Google recognises that you are barter trading with links. Even three way link exchanges are often devalued these days. Google is incredibly clever and knows who owns what.

Get Good Votes in Quantity

If you want high page rank and high rankings than you need to get good votes from good sites and do so regularly. It is your ability to get the quality websites linking to you that will signify whether you are successful or not.

Content Marketing

Content marketing has become the primary mode of driving links these days. The four pillars of content marketing are blogging, guest posting, press releases and infographics. By using quality contents and sharing it on social media, you are able to drive shares and drive links.

If your content isn’t worth linking to them there is very little point producing it these days. It is only by creating a buzz around your brand that you can truly excel in the online environment.

Final Word

As the Internet environment becomes more competitive we have to strive to do things better than our competitors. Content marketing is a crucial and central task for the success of websites.

The great thing is that the majority of businesses are failing to promote themselves properly. By regularly investing your time in the right activities you can set yourself apart and build a quality and successful brand

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