Basically, there are three ways open to those who are unhappily married and not content with the relationship. They can get a divorce or a separation. They can "grin and bear it" for the sake of the children. Or they can fix or alter the original loving relationship so that it will be better than when it was new.

In the matter of a sexual love relationship, those of us usually experience two problems. Those who are single have a desire to get married, usually to somebody particular. Those of us who are married wishes to get a divorce and re-marry again also to somebody particular.

Single people who were not married find great difficulty in understanding why, if love is based upon magnetic harmony, they can be very much in love with someone who does not seem to return that love. The one particular answer to that problem is this - the moth and the candle have come into contact and the moth is getting scorched, while the candle burns steadily on with scarcely a flutter. In other words, one with a weak or passive temperament has also a weak magnetic field, and love may become a consuming flame when it comes into contact with the tougher magnetic field of one who is of a strong and positive temperament, without the stronger of the two temperaments feeling the slightest emotion of love. Therefore, if you are in love with someone who does not return back your love, you show that you are temperamentally weaker than the one you love. A marriage between such people would be against nature, and would be consequently catastrophic. All things being possible to you, you might transform your nature and your magnetic aura. But is it worth the trouble? It is much easier to give yourself a couple of suggestions that you will love someone other than the unresponsive person, and then find a lover to whom you are better suited by nature.

It appears, therefore, that if you are looking for some device with which you can trap the unwilling love of another person, you are often setting a trap for yourself. Love is not just about love it is about ones responsibility and duties to carry out and fulfil and subsequently the couples gain true happiness and trust. If a man or woman has found their own formula on how to get their dream lover and has ultimately got them above anything else in the world it will be more probable that he/she will seek a divorce sometime in the future because by nature they are not meant for each other.

Those who think they want another person above everything else in the world are in the same situation as those who feel they want money above everything else in the world. Some people want a certain person because they think that person would bring them the perfect love relationship. And some people want money because they think it would bring happiness.