Two of the strongest forces in the world are the United States Military and Mother Nature. Our military goes through the toughest of training, combat, and they make sacrifices not many would dream of. Where ever they may be sent, they go, and where ever they go, Mother Nature is there waiting. Our men and women need to be prepared for not only combat on the spur of the moment, but they need to be prepared to face Mother Nature and anything she may throw at them. Military equipment is essential to all terrains. However, if a Soldier's, Marine's, Airman's, Sailor's or Coastie's feet aren't prepared for anything, the essential high tech all terrain equipment is useless. The makers of Belleville boots however, have found a way to make our military able to stand up in the face of Mother Nature, and conquer what ever she has in store.

Boots are an essential part of PPE (personal protective equipment). In the military there are many different tasks and some, more than others, may be dangerous. The ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) sets the standard when it comes to protecting the feet. If steel toed boots are on your list, make sure you choose one that has been approved by the ASTM. Belleville has not only teamed up with the ASTM, but they have also partnered up with VIBRAM. Vibram, since 1937 has been soling the boots of our military and first responders. They make sure that no matter what surface you may be on, your traction will stay in tact and your sole won't wear down. Ok, so the steel toe is up to standard and the sole is the best around, but what about the rest of the boot? Along with the ASTM and VIBRAM, CORDURA has stepped in to help out as well. Cordura dates back to 1929 and has continued to develop their product into the best nylon there is today and makes sure that their product can stay in tact even when a foreign object tries to do damage.

Survival of the elements is no doubt a task that our military has mastered. If you are in the extreme heat of Iraq or Afghanistan, there are boots made specifically for hot weather. These hot weather boots will suit your every need, be it a pair for flight, combat or general use. If your destination is that of extreme cold and wet weather such as Antarctica or Alaska, well, there are boots specifically for that too, so there is no need to worry about slipping and falling on the flight deck or getting cold feet.

We all know there are jokes from one service branch to another about who is the best. Belleville though, has boots specifically for each branch to make every Soldier, Marine, Airman, Sailor and Coastie perform at his or her best. Sometimes certain jobs need specific equipment or gear. Belleville offers 25 styles of boots that have gotten special use approval for flight, flight deck, combat vehicle and general use for all branches, as well as Marine Corps uniform certified boots.

Army, Marine Corps, Air Force, Navy or Coast Guard, you are of the strongest and most elite fighting forces of the world, and protecting your feet with Belleville boots, you can withstand anything any other force may put in your path.

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