Today's banking industry has been in the news lately and it has not been good news. There have been bank failures, foreclosures, and bad loans to go along with numerous bank consolidations. The federal government has become involved and they are enforcing bank regulations much tighter. For the average consumer, this will mean that it has just become much more difficult to obtain a consumer loan from one of the lending institutions.

Since bank loans have become so much more difficult to get, are unsecured loans still available? If so, how difficult are they to obtain?

Some borrowers may be aware that nonsecured loans are available but may not know what they are. Basically, an unsecured, or a non-secured, loan is one may be obtained without using any type of collateral or security. The borrower signs a contract and agrees to pay back the loan amount and interest in a specific amount of time. The only requirement is for the borrower to sign the paperwork with the bank and they will receive the cash. Sometimes this type of loan is called a signature loan.

The Basics of a Non-Secured Loan
There are many forms of unsecured loans but, the one that is the most recognized and the one that is used the most, is the credit card. Whenever, a credit card is used, an unsecured loan is put into motion. Something is purchased, a credit card is used, a loan is made, and an unsecured loan transaction has just taken place.

Credit cards are not the only type of unsecured loan. Many banks offer unsecured loans to their customers that do not require any collateral or security. A promissory note is signed, the borrower receives the cash, and the installments payments begin. There are some aspects, however, that must be completely understood before a loan of this type is taken out.

If you are seeking to borrow a large amount of money without using any type of security, this type of loan is not for you. Non secured loans are generally for only small amounts, typically for vacations or unforeseen car repairs and are, in many cases, a one time loan. This means that non secure loans are not meant to be used frequently and are not for every small expense that should arise. Keep this in mind when you are applying for a non secured loan.

Most banks, when working with a non secured loan application, will require the borrower to have a good credit score. Since this loan is not secured with any type of property, there is a good chance that the bank may not get all of their money back from a borrower with questionable credit. If you want this type of loan, find out your credit score and make sure it is high enough before applying for credit. This will avoid any unnecessary disappointment and the embarrassment of being turned down by the bank.

Where to Find an Non-Secured Personal Loans
Despite the government's tight grip on bank loans, there are many companies who are willing to loan money. There are also many banks that are willing to loan money without requiring any security. It is best to shop around so that the best interest rate can be secured. It is imperative to understand that those borrowers with the best credit scores will receive the best rate from the banks. It is logical that those borrowers who have done the best job in paying their debts back would have the lowest rate of default on a loan. The banks realize this and, since they are more confident that these loans will be paid back, will reward the borrower with a lower interest rate. If there is some time available before the loan is needed, it is a good idea to work on getting your credit score improved. Pay down as much of your loans as possible and don't be late on any of these payments will result is your credit score increasing.

Be sure to shop around for the best interest rate because you might be surprised at the differences between the rates. A little shopping around can result in a large savings of money. Compare rates until one that will be comfortable to pay back is found.

Many people believe that credit unions offer the lowest interest rates on non secure loans so be sure to check out the rates that they offer. It will also greatly help getting the loan if you are a member before applying. If you are not a member, join and the loan will be easier to secure.

The internet offers many companies that are willing to offer non secured loans so don't forget about these. Their rates can be quickly compared for the best deal.

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