There are many things that can cause Tinnitus and not all of them are yet to be understood. It is essentially a type of sound that can only be heard within the human ear when there is no other sound to take in. It’s name comes from the Latin word of similar spelling which correspondingly means “ringing”, something which many hear in their ears every now and again.

Pulsatile Tinnitus is the type where you only hear the noise in sequence with the beat of your heart. This is the time when blood is pumped around the body and you can often feel your pulse.

Although you may think otherwise, pulsatile tinnitus can be heard by other people and not only by the one experiencing the problem. As previously mentioned this type of tinnitus is pulsatile as it only occurs when blood is being circulated around the body meaning every time your heart beats you and possibly others around you will be able to hear it. It said that only around 3% of regular tinnitus sufferers go as far as to suffer with pulsatile tinnitus, so only a small amount are considered sufferers.

There is no specific sound that be put with Pulsatile Tinnitus, in fact it can be almost anything. Some of the most common reported sounds include blowing, thumping or “booming”. More often than not the noise you hear will follow some sort of rhythmic pattern much like our hearts beat. If you experience some sort of rapid noise or clicking sensation then it is likely there are a lot of contractions happening in the middle of the ear.

This type of condition is rarely a life threatening condition however more severe cases of pulsatile tinnitus can be this bad. It is generally assumed that there are only 2 things which can cause this particular condition. The first of these if something happens which causes the blood flow to be irregular particularly in the area of the ears, the second being if someone has started to focus or become more infatuated with the blood vessels near the ear and notices the sounds that occur.

Something which you should remember is that as this condition occurs in the ears, it uses one of the main veins that sit around the neck so it is important to know what sort of factors could cause this sudden increase in blood flow to this area. There are many things that can cause increased blood flow throughout the entire body including cardio vascular exercise or any type of sports activities. If the blood flow is very specific and only really targets that vein, then there is a high chance the blood vessel is narrow. Other blood vessels in the area will try to take on as much of the extra blood flow that the narrow vessel can not handle, this results in sounds as the flow is not smooth. 

If you think you have pulsatile tinnitus it is recommended you visit your doctor ASAP. You will have to go through a strict medical examination so that the doctor can locate the exact cause. There are various different procedures that can be used to find this specific location. Following the results you will be offered some sort of solution to your particular problem.