Visiting London for the first time is exciting for everyone, it's a must considering all the historic buildings and attractions, you're going to have an awesome time. But there are rules you should follow, these rules are from those who grew up and work in London, it is not the law but it is just a general consideration when getting around London. The last thing you want to avoid is irritating or delaying a Londoner during rush hour on your first day on holiday.

During rush hour everyone is like clock work, like in and out from the ticket barriers on the underground to the beeping on the bus from the oyster card.

Rule 1 Using The Escalators


Stay on the right side of the escalators. The right side is for standing and the left side is the fast lane, having this lane allows those who are in a hurry to pass though. The underground is the one place that some Londoners like the least because it can be cramped and stuffy especially in summer. All they want to do is catch their train and get home fast.
Stay on the right side of the escalatorsCredit:


Rule 2 Busy Pavements

Walk/tail behind someone who is walking at the same pace you are and let them do all the weaving and pushing. The pavements in London are narrow just like our roads so instead of walking against the grain follow it

Rule 3 Busy Pavements pt 2

Stand next to the wall if you are going to find your way, sounds a bit silly but really you want to let the traffic pass instead of causing it.

london pavements

Rule 3 Standing on The Upper Deck

You are not allowed to stand on the upper deck of any bus. Its dangerous and it blocks the narrow gap to exit

Rule 4 Priority Seats

There are priority seats available on the buses and underground trains for the elderly and those who are less able to stand. These seats are usually the first ones you come across when entering the tube/train. It is ok to sit on these seats as long as there not there but to be honest your better avoiding these all together as you may have to give them up at some point during your journey


priority seat sign

Rule 5 The Weather

The weather in London is well want can I say... indecisive, so if it wants it will rain for half and hour in summer on and off, have a heat wave for two weeks in spring and rain some more in winter. So come prepared