Having a dog is not only a responsibility but a lifetime commitment. A dogs life is very short and it is your responsibility to ensure that during it’s time with you; you should be able to provide it with the best. However just like how you need to discipline a child, the same applies for your dog. There are certain commands known as the basic commands. It is important to ensure that your pup understands these commands and learns them well. This will help discipline your dog however it is also important to ensure that you let your dog be as natural as possible. Mentioned below is the list of basic commands that is needed for your pup.

1) One of the most impotent commands that your pup needs to know is the word SIT. This command tells your dog that you want it to sit down.

2) Another command is DOWN. This is when you want dog to get down on all four paws. To get your pup to do this, your pup needs to be in a sitting position.

3) When you take your dog our for a walk, it is important that he or she should learn how to walk next to you. The HEAL command ensures that your pup walks next to you instead of pulling you. He or she should walk on your left side.

4) Your pup should come to you when you call it that is why it is very important that it understand the command HERE or COME.

 5) When you are walking your pup, it is important that he or she needs to stay in a particular place. The command STAY helps your pup to understand that you do not want it to move around however just stay in a particular place.

Once you pup has understood the basic commands, you can always go ahead to teach it the advance commands. However you need to be very sure that in order for it to learn them, the basic foundation of the commands has to be at the back of his or head.

Depending on what you actually want from your pup, you need to make a choice. Some people prefer to have a dog that is specially trained to attack a person when it is told. This is good; however you need to ensure that when you are training your dog, you should not abuse it. There are trainers that go ahead and abuse a pup so much that it can change the behavior of the pup resulting to behavioral disorders.

As an owner, you need to understand that just because you have a dog and it cannot speak; it does not mean that it does not have feelings. Saying that you love your pup is very different from actually understanding it. Just like how a mother understand and loves her child, the same should be done with your pup. Your pup is not a show piece that can be kept aside and admired by all.