Today more and more people are turning to skin care products which are natural as they feel that it is the best for their skin in comparison to the synthetic one’s. According to them, products that are synthetic based are not as effective as natural products and are harmful to the skin. The question that arises here is very simple,

Can natural products be an answer to our skin problems? If you have a specific disorder of the skin, would there be a natural care product available to cure it? And If synthetic products harmful for our skin, then shouldn’t they be banned?

Every person has a different answer or opinion to the above mentioned questions. The truth of the matter is that even natural skincare products have synthetic preservatives. In today’s world it is not easy to find a skin care product that is 100% natural however you may find products that have natural preservatives and these products can be very expensive. Another fact is that these products have a short shelf life and not a favorite option of skincare product manufacturers.

Some people have a notion in their mind that natural products are not at all harmful to the skin. They do not realize that even a natural skincare product can be harmful for your skin if it does not suit it, and a synthetic one may give your skin the best results possible. It is always best to have an open mind to synthetic products just like how you would have toward natural ones.

When you are selecting a skincare product, you should keep in mind three main factors:

  1. The type of skin the person using the product has. There are five skin types, they are dry, oil, sensitive, combination or normal
  2. The environmental condition of wher the person is staying.
  3. The way the product is applied on the skin. Each product has specific instruction on how the application should be, this is important so that you can get the best results of the product.

One of the most effective skincare products are the ones that are made at home. These home remedies have stood the test of time and have proven to be the best where results are concerned and also make your skin glow and look lot younger.

Nowadays, people also use organic vegetables and fruits as skincare products. It is said that some of the essential or herbal oils derived from organic vegetable and fruits is known to be very moistening for the skin and also antiseptic properties.

A person should understand that it is not enough to use just skincare products to take care of their skin, a healthy diet and regular exercises also add to care of your skin. Avoiding very oily food, keeping yourself clean and drinking lots of water enhances your skin care making it more healthy and younger looking. This is why you should not just depend only on skincare products but take the extra initiative to take out a few years.