There's no overseeing body associated with meditation that requires "These are the different forms of meditation and that is the final word!" Actually there is an virtually infinte number of strategies and combination of methods which can be right for you. However, I would like to go over what I feel are the large categories of meditation as well as the potential occasions where they can be of benefit. As suggested previously, the boundaries are gray as opposed to black or white and there is often very much overlap.

Before showing you the several kinds, I'd like to mention several commonalities that many forms have in common. To achieve the most from meditating, it is almost always helpful to put on comfortable clothing, be in an appropriate postition and also be in a very relaxing surroundings. In addition numerous people prefer to utilize a cozy pillow or mat to sit on, and many choose to utilize auditory sound effects to improve their meditation. These types of sounds can be found on a meditation download internet site. In addition the general intention of most types of meditation is usually to figure out how to quieten or focus our chaotic and loud minds and consequently attain inner peace and lowered emotional stress. Now on to the different types:

Concentration Meditation
The goal of this sort is to grow your concentration and focus. It is crucial to master to slow down the constant stream of thoughts to ones that are relevant to the moment. This emptying of the mind is just about the most problematic aspects of meditation. However, the better you are able to focus the easier it becomes to achieve a strong meditative condition. In working with this type of concentration meditation, the goal is usually to concentrate on something without really engaging your ideas about it. You could focus on something visual like a statue or picture, an auditory signal such as  binaural beats or audio of ocean surf, a phrase that you repeat out loud or even in your mind and even something as simple as your own deep breathing. Meditations which you may know about which fall into this category would include Zen meditations, mantra meditations and object meditations.

Insight Meditation
If you wish to go in a different course than emptying your mind, then you can certainly test insight meditation. With this the goal is usually to welcome all of our thoughts and bodily sensations while not judging or analyzing. You just strive to be aware of your whole body and mind, almost as an outside observer. You're completely in the present moment while not thinking about the past or future. Vipassana and mindful meditations fall under this category.

Motion Meditation
This group runs counterintuitive from what most perceive meditation to be i.e., that you must be still and quiet to meditate. However, with motion meditation you're moving about. You're building up your attention and awareness by focusing on your motions along with the manner in which your body moves. The movements can be something as basic as walking or it can be more advanced. Meditations that are in this particular classification include Tai Chi, Chi Neng and Qi Gong.

Goal Oriented Meditation
This kind of class has nearly limitless variations. With goal oriented meditation, you may spend your peace and quiet with visualization strategies along with focusing on a unique goal or outcome that you're pursuing. You could possibly create in your mind the curing of a disease, becoming much more empathetic with everyone you encounter, increasing your self confidence or even dealing with a particular problem in your life.

After you decide on a general category which you feel might benefit you, then you could dig down within that class to uncover what particular branch you want to attempt. One of the keys to success lies in employing a regular schedule for your meditation and utilizing patience to become more confident with your meditations. After trying one type for a bit, and you really don't think your are achieving the benefits you expected then don't be unwilling to attempt yet another kind.