There is no doubt about it that saltwater pools are becoming very popular. My next door neighbour has recently added a swimming pool to her garden and she went with the salt water option for her pool. The reports coming from those that have used it say that the lack of chlorine is a huge bonus. No red eyes and a a horrible chemical smell to put up with. There is Chlorine in the water though as the salt water is forced through a Chlorine generator as part of the process. It is just that there is no combined chlorine, or as it otherwise referred to Chloramines. It is that which causes the effects that we don’t like in a traditionally sanitised pool.

What Are The Steps To Easy Salt Water Pools Maintenance

It is recommended that the pool is super chlorinated monthly. Another recommendation is that it gets a shock oxidation once a week. To super chlorinate you just let it run for twenty four hours instead of the eight hour you normally run it. The shock oxidise tactic is to help prevent build up of algae and to work on the bacteria and any other contaminants from pool use. There is metering in the system so that the salt level is maintained neither too high nor too low.

You might see a little bit of a white residue on your skin from the salt. It is not an irritant and still better than the Chlorine. Salt water pools operate at about a tenth of the level of saltiness of sea water. So when you are swimming you may not even notice a salty taste of the water in you mouth.

A typical controller for this system will have just a LED display to say when it is programmed and when it is in operation. Another digital display will give two digit codes to let you know if there are any problems, and if it working as it is supposed to.

Points to Understand Regards Setting Up Your Saltwater Swimming Pools

If you are converting then you have to change the metal parts which affected by the increased oxidation you get from the corrosive salt. Some stone work is also going to be affected by the salt in the water. The water from the pool backwash will not damage the lawn, it is not salty enough. You don’t have to run the chlorinator 24/7. It will produce a certain amount of chlorine each hour of running time. Depending on the amount of water in the pool and how hot the weather is determines huw much you run the system. Only the amount of time to do the job is the way.

There are low end and high end models of the system available. Generally speaking if you go for the low end models then you will have to do a bit more work to look after how it works. With the cover on in the evening you can set the system to run for just three hours. When you get up in the morning and are ready to use the swimming pool it will be clear as crystal. Doing that nightly will be enough to keep the pool in good condition. The type of pool will have an effect on best prices in ground swimming pools.