There are certainly many ways in which someone who is serious about their health and fitness levels can get as fit as they want to. Most people however are constrained by time, location, finances and personal characteristics that would make most of these methods impractical. There is a solution to these problems in a single item of exercise equipment that can be easily sited in most homes and don't take up very much room at all.

These are known as elliptical machines, or elliptical exercise equipment. This type of home gymnasium apparatus has become very popular since its introduction to the ever growing exercise industry because it overcomes many of the reasons whereby so many of us seem unable to get fit and healthy. By using elliptical exercise equipment, a person can workout their lower body as well as their upper body on many of these machines. This easy to use piece of fitness equipment also provides an excellent cardiovascular exercise work out at the same time.

The particular elliptical trainers that handle both upper and lower body have gained the most popularity amongst those interested in improving their fitness and health. This apparatus vigorously works out just about all of the major muscles in your arms, legs and back in a relatively concise workout. In fact for most people, the kind of workout provided by elliptical exercise equipment can meet just about all of their personal exercise needs. Only the really serious workout warriors as well as professional athletes will have a need to include additional weights, apparatus or weight machines to enhance their exercise programs.

The most important part about using elliptical exercise equipment is that it provides you with quick, full body workout results. This happens even when you slowly build up your workout routines from scratch. There is also a further reason why many of the people who use this equipment are much better able to stay with workout routines, in addition to them being quick and convenient. That is using this equipment is going to build the user's confidence and make them feel better about themselves now and in the future, gaining them new sense of control over their lives that many people often feel is generally lacking with regards to their weight or health.

There have been problems in the past with people living with large families whereby such equipment was used by several different members of that family. If that was the case, often the equipment settings would forever be altered as each different person used the apparatus. This problem is solved by modern elliptical exercise equipment that is fitted with controls that allow the setting of separate profiles for several different people. So as each new person uses the machine, they simply dial up their own profile and get all the settings they are used to.

The Benefits of Using Elliptical Exercise Equipment

If you are the kind of person who likes to go out for a daily run in the park or wherever and you get all the exercise you need by doing that, then the benefits of using elliptical fitness exercise equipment may not be so pronounced. But it's not all that uncommon for a person who has been exercising and staying in shape by running and been doing it for several years to suddenly find themselves diagnosed with severe problems in the lower joints and tendons.

The running itself will have been keeping the cardiovascular and respiratory systems in tip top shape, but the cumulative damage done by the daily pounding that the joints have had to take does mount up. For this reason and for their continued health and fitness, such people will find that they are in need of a safer, lower impact method of exercising. All that banging and repetitive jerking of bone, muscle and cartilage loses its appeal as a preferred method of maintaining the level of fitness they have become accustomed to over the years as they naturally age. Enter the many benefits of making full use of an elliptical trainer. It becomes a crucial alternative to tougher exercise methods by providing the same level of workout benefit but with less stress and damage to joints and tendons.

One of the many benefits of using an elliptical trainer is that you can enjoy the safety and controlled environment it provides. As well as this, you get the customization benefit of a workout which would otherwise need to be provided by a personal fitness trainer, all done by a mechanical fitness trainer that won't charge you an hourly fee!

Depending upon the volume of training you intend doing, your choice of machine could be a simple and plain one, or a more fancy and programmable planning and monitoring workout device. If you're the kind of person who is prone to giving up too easily on workout routines, which can mainly be due to boredom, there are even elliptical trainers that come with integrated video games that will challenge and entertain you as you work out!

Using Elliptical Exercise Equipment

The most important thing to bear in mind is that whatever your characteristics and fitness needs may be, there are machines available with elliptical exercise equipment benefits that will match those needs. Those benefits come from the specialized design of these elliptical trainers.

In many ways similar to a stationary cycle, elliptical equipment features two pedals plus a wheel. This wheel is generally located near to the front or the rear of the machine, although it may also be located in the centre. The machine's pedals are unique in that they are specially elongated similar to skis.

To begin, you need to hold on to the handlebar in front of you, which on many of these machines is able to swing like ski poles. However, instead of emulating the cycling motion with your feet, you push the pedals in a back and forth motion which provides your movement and exercise. In this manner, the benefits provided by the elliptical trainer are derived from its design which combines the exercise function of a true cycle with the total body workout movements that would be experienced while cross country skiing.

Elliptical trainer benefits include improved muscle gain combined with fat loss. Incidentally, as you progress with your workout schedule, you will gain muscle. To match the machine to your progress, you can alter its settings to increase the workout intensity.

As you can see, the benefits to health and overall fitness can be greatly enhanced by making full use of elliptical exercise equipment to either enhance an already set workout schedule, or to replace some aspects of it, or even to act as a standalone workout machine. The choice is up to you and your individual needs.