Procrastination can really put a big dumper on life but apart from that it is a huge home business killer. If you try to work from home and have problems following your work schedule and be as productive as possible, it just might be possible that you are one of the following types of procrastinator. Understanding your type is the first step of overcoming procrastination, so below you will find a short outline of each procrastination type.

The Intelligent Procrastinater
The intelligent procrastinator puts things off because they always feel that the task that need to be finished are so easy and simple that it will take only a short amount of time to finish once they get around to it. They are always trying to find short cuts in order to work the least amount of time as possible and by doing so they are actually adding more work to their plate. Not only do they want to come up with this fantastic short cuts, they will still have to be doing the actual work, if they ever get to it. But hey,... the job at hand is supposed to be so simple and easy to complete, so you might as well start and get it over with first.

The Decisional Procrastinator
This type of person understands what the task entail and the work that is involved in order to complete tasks. However the thing that will hold them back is the unability to decide where to start and how to do something. It can even be so difficult for them to decide how to go about the job, that they always end up starting and finishing the job at the last moment, and only then because there is no way out and they just have to do it no matter what decision they make. All possibilities need to be considered and weighed before this type of person will actually start working and even then it is hard to continue, whenever another possibility turns up.

You could even say that this type of procrastinator is a perfectionist, wanting to make sure that every step they take is the right one. But guess what, making mistakes is all part of the learning experience and the only way to know whether you are doing things right is to actually start doing them. The pressure they put on themselves by postponing all their work to the last minute is only making it harder to decide.

The Relaxed Procrastinator
This type could easily be called the lazy type. They feel that whatever job they need to do is so easy that it will only take a moment to finish, so they just do whatever they can do that is more fun. Because after all, the task that is waiting for them to be finished can be done at the end of the day in a jiffy. This type always waits for the last deadline and only start working when there really is no other way out any more. It also seems like they are always in denial about the work they do, passing it off as something unimportant, so really they don´t feel the need to do it, especially not when there are so many other more fun things to do.

The Escape Artist Procrastinator
This person typically escapes reality and the jobs they need to do by day dreaming about future success and all those things they would love for their life. They are a bit similar to the relaxed procrastinator in that they prefer doing the more fun things in life and rather not be working all the time because in the end it does not really matter anyways. Their dreams are what hold them on their feet and feeling secure that all will work out well, even if they don´t do the job.

The escape artist procrastinator basically spends all the time they should be working or doing their tasks on living in their dreams inside their head, making up all these wonderful goals and schemes. But guess what, they only way to make reality happen is by taking all the steps you need to take, in real life not just in your dreams.

The Scared Procrastinator
Last but not least we have the sacred procrastinator. This person is all about worrying about the tasks at hand and creating stressful situations by not being able to make the best use of their time. Even when coming close to a deadline, they prefer to try and relax, because they feel that they can only work without any stress, forgetting that they themselves are the ones who got them in the situation to begin with. The more stressful they are, the less they can work and the less they do the more stress they get from reaching the deadline.

As you can see when going over these different types of procrastinators is that they all have one thing in common. Themselves. They are their own worst enemy and the only ones who can solve their problems of procrastination. I am sure each and every person has experienced in their life, at one point or another a moment of procrastination, but most people just take it as a moment and then get one with life.

Some people thought keep dwelling on things and keep hanging around, going in circles and making excuses not to get started and after a while it will get more and more complicated to break through this pattern. Especially for those people who have been procrastinating for a longer time and the pattern has become a real hard core habit.

So what to do if you are one of these procrastinators I have been talking about? The answer is as simple as you can imagine. Get started with the things you need finished, now. This of course is not the real solution and maybe you need a little more help than that, like for example learning how to overcome procrastination and breaking the pattern of bad habits during a 21 day system to stop procrastination.

Guess what though, no matter how horrible it sounds, it can be done, one step at a time!

Confession time now, do you procrastinate and if so, which of the above types are you?