These days, inns offer travelers a great alternative to budget chain hotels. Most people are careful about spending their money while on vacation. This does not mean that potential savings is the only reason to try a bed and breakfast.

It is easy to think of inns as being a kind of no frills vacation package. This is not an accurate or fair description. Owners simply strive to offer accommodations that are different from the industry standard. For some visitors, this helps them feel right at home while being away from home.

There are many reasons why some inns are often recommended by top travel agents. Many of these lodgings are nationally ranked, and have won awards. The quality of service has continued to improve due to increased competition.

Many visitors will attest to being treated like special guests while staying at a bed and breakfast. The personal contact with the owner and interaction with other guests offers something different. The cozy atmosphere of most inns is generally lacking in large hotels.

The Proximity Factor

Location is everything in business, and this is not lost on bed and breakfast owners. Many of these establishments are centrally located, putting visitors close to the action. Whether it is sightseeing or local attractions, they are generally easily accessible with the right accommodations.

Owners of inns are usually well acquainted with their areas. This puts them in a good position to make suggestions for tours or dining options.

When you visit a bed and breakfast, you might find leaflets advertising various local attractions.

Owners of these establishments place them conveniently for guests to peruse. This is the best way to select popular spots and to make your daily plans.

A Peek Into the History of the Area

The majority of inns in some states are older buildings dating back decades. In some cases, these old buildings have been lovingly restored to recapture their former glory. Some have been in families for generations.

The age of these buildings places many of them at significant points in the nation’s history. In fact, some were once owned by historical figures. This point is generally emphasized in promotional material.

Civil war buffs will delight in the stories linked to some of these homes. In the right area, you might be able to hear stories about Ulysses S. Grant or Abraham Lincoln. The closeness to known historical sites makes many inns ideal for the history-loving traveler.

Some of these old building have chilling ghost stories linked to them. Some stories are as old as the buildings themselves. Many visitors delight in hearing these tales before bedtime.

Other Advantages to Inns or Bed and Breakfast

Many people underestimate the kind of cuisine available at inns. You will start off with a hearty breakfast that will keep you going as you tour the area. Your bed and breakfast might even have refreshments and snacks available throughout the day.

It is easy to find the right bed and breakfast for just yourself or your group. Smart owners utilize the Internet to showcase their inns to a worldwide audience. These websites will give you a full understanding of what you can expect during your stay.

Inns are ideal for any traveler who wants accommodations that offer warmth and a personal touch. In many cases, a bed and breakfast is cheaper and simply more enjoyable. Some of these accommodations have waiting lists so booking early is always advisable.