Know Some Important Basic Information in Handling Food Safety

Basic knowledge in handling food safety

Safety of food is one of the most significant issues in cooking. Everyone's body depend on the food we eat and how we eat it. Understanding some basic information on handling food safety is extremely a valuable foundation while in the process of learning how to learn to cook safely and effectively.

When Buying Food items

Make sure to buy nutritious foods and store meat, dairy, fish and eggs separate from other items. One can tell if the food is fresh by smelling and touching it. Look for vegetables which are not soft and floppy most especially for leafy vegetables. Buy fruits with natural shine on their peel: do not buy fruits with broken skin. When buying fresh fish look at the eyes, when eyes have sparkle, then we can guarantee that it is fresh. When fresh has a strong smell and reddish eyes, then it may no longer be fresh. Pasture-raised eggs are better. Color is a reliable guide when buying fresh meat. Choose to buy beef with bright red color with thin white streaks for juicier tender cuts. Examine closely poultry products, and choose the one with white or pale yellow skin, and pinkish color. Pork tenderloin is a better choice for it is low in fat and best source of protein that is beneficial for the body.

Vegetables taste so whether they are raw or cooked. There are many vegetables one can see in the market throughout the year be sure to buy fresh, crunchy and colorful vegetables. Do not forget to wash vegetables and peel vegetables such as potatoes, and carrots before cooking. Chop vegetables into bite size for easy digestion. Stir-fry fresh veggies in a small amount of water, broth, vegetable oil, margarine or olive oil and cook until tender. Cook some vegetables such as Cauliflower, Broccoli, potatoes in a small amount of water just enough to cover them. To barbecue vegetables like mushroom, zucchini and peppers one can use a stick and put them in a grill until tender.

Bacteria is present everywhere. Any food of animal origin can hold bacteria which cannot be seen or smelled. These bacteria are harmful and can cause illness. Proper cooking kills harmful microorganisms. Cook ground meat to at least 160 to 165 degrees to destroy the bacteria present in the ground meat mixture. The chance to bring out certain sickness is high once bacteria are not fully destroyed. The interior, solid part of other meat like steaks and chops, are free from harmful bacteria. Cook them in median temperature of at least 145 degrees is safe. Bacteria is rampant among bird, since poultry meat is less dense than pork, and beef, it is easy for bacteria to pass through the flesh. Ideally, cooked poultry meat in 180 degrees temperature.

Separate Cooked and Uncooked foods

The fluids of raw food like poultry, meat and seafood, may contain harmful organisms that quickly transferred to other food during preparation. Learn how to separate cooked and uncooked foods to avoid contamination which is often the cause of food poisoning. Fully wrap the meat to keep unnecessary dripping on fresh produce and cook raw meats within 1-2 days. Freeze them for longer storage. Separate poultry meat and seafood from ready to eat foods. Always use clean patter to hold the foods when grilling or cooking raw meats or fish. Thoroughly wash the thongs as well as spatulas and spoons for stir-frying or tuning meat while cooking. Make sure to wash your hands thoroughly most especially after handling raw meats or raw eggs also to avoid cross contamination.


It is necessary to wash hands and surfaces more often when we are cooking or every after doing some other tasks while preparing food. Wash your hands with antibacterial soap and water. Use clean containers and utensils when cooking and throw away spoiled food to avoid contamination. Protect your kitchen from pests, Insects and other animals. Do not put your health at risk; learn how to cook properly through understanding the basic information in handling food safety, practicing them always when cooking at home will allow every household to consume more quality food. Enjoy the cooking.