The cost of laser hair removal is not something that a person can very easily say how much it will cost without knowing a couple things about the person who wants the treatment and their hair. You see, the costs will depend on the how much hair you want removed and how thick that hair you want removed is going to be. The more hair that needs to get removed the more expensive the laser treatment is going to be. Alternatively, the less hair that you want to get removed will result in a much smaller bill as your treatment center.

But this begs a very important question for me. It is, why do people get laser hair removal? I mean that these treatments are not cheap, a full blown laser hair removal therapy can cost thousands of dollars once is all said and done, so why would people want to get their natural body hair removed?

Why Get Laser Hair Removal Treatments

The thing about this question that I have asked is that there are going to be as many different answers as there are people that decide to go with this type of hair removal procedure. Even though the reasons are going to be varied and many, I think that it is safe to say that they can fall somewhere in the following three categories:

1. They don't like the way their body hair looks and want to get it removed.

2. They love someone who doesn't like their body hair and want to get it removed.

3. They have a job or hobby that requires they have certain parts of their body be hairless and don't want to keep shaving.

Practically all reasons to get laser hair removal is going to fall into one of these three categories.

Main Factors in The Cost of Laser Hair Removal Treatment

There are three main things to consider when thinking about the cost that you will incur when doing any laser hair removal treatment. They are:

  • The size of the area that needs the hair removed. When it comes down to it, you are going to end up paying more for hair removal on larger areas of your body than on the smaller areas. The only thing that would prevent this from being true is if you have a small area on your body that is tightly packed with hair follicle after hair follicle and a large area that has almost no hair at all. It is obvious that the region with more hair is going to cost you more than the area with less hair, which leads us to the next factor of hair removal costs.
  • The number of hairs in the area that is getting the treatment. It makes a lot of sense that areas with more hair are going to cost more money to get removed than areas with less hair. Some clinics even charge their patients by the number of laser pulses that are used in the hair removal process. Each laser pulse can only remove so many hairs so this method of billing is going to show just how tied together the number of hairs in a region is to the cost of laser hair removal.
  • Finally, the number of sessions that is takes to achieve a hairless state is also going to directly affect the cost of this procedure. If you need more than each and every procedure that you need to remove your hair that you want off your body is also going to end up costing you more money. In most instances, between 4 and 6 different treatments are need to achieve the desired state of hairlessness - but this state is only temporary since your hair grows back, albeit slowly.

A Quick Liste of Laser Hair Removal Pricing Averages

According to the Hair Removal Journal, there are several different averages depending on the region you live and the area that you want to get laser hair removal on. But according to their national averages, here are the cost of various treatments:

Area Average - Cost for 1 treatment

Bikini - $350 to $500

Back Hair - $600 to $900

Lower Legs - $600 to $850

Upper Legs - $600 to $850

Arms - $350 to $500

Chest - $350 to $600

Under Arms - $250 to $350

Face & Neck - $600 to $900

As you can clearly see, the cost of laser hair removal is not cheap. Getting an average 4 sessions to get your underarm hair removed is going to cost you around $1000. This is a lot of money for such a small region of your body. Back hair is costs even more, coming in at $2400 if you are average. That is a lot of money for laser hair removal if you ask me.