From humble beginnings, Belleville Shoe, the manufacturers and producers of the well-known Belleville boots, has become a self-sustaining operation that most, if not all, servicemen, and women, have become increasingly familiar with over the decades. With just an initial 50 employees, and a production rate of about 50 to 75 pairs of boots a day, its proud history is long, enduring, and its multifaceted business enterprise has become a staple for quality military supply that simply outshines its many competitors.



It wasn't until roughly thirteen long years after it's founding, with the onset of the 20th century (1904), that their company received their first order for Belleville boots. Ever since that first order for footwear, accompanying the demands of World War I, the Belleville Shoe Company has been on the cutting-edge of military boot design and production: revolutionizing the industry, and fully embracing technology in order to supply the military with the most top-notch quality, technologically advanced, end products. Their innovative business model and continual development and production of breakthrough footwear, whose reliability and durability span the decades, have synthesized a sleek look and feel, with increasing comfort. Their Belleville boots have, no doubt, become a highly dependable complement to the varying service uniforms of our nation's several great branches of the United States' Armed Forces. 


Characterized by excellence, quality, and on-time shipping and delivery, the Bellville Shoe Company has not been without its many achievements. Over the years, it has received honorable recognition from many different entities that manage to span the globe. From the public acknowledgement by the United States Department of War, to recognition by individual-owned businesses and deploying soldiers, their entire business, of producing high-quality Bellville boots, has remained an incredibly competitive force in midst of their many competitors. Even still, their products have just simply outshined, and out performed other companies' products, and this inherent fact can be seen in their receipt of the Army-Navy "E" award, in 1945, as presented by the Department of War: an honorable distinction in which only 5 of 90 companies were fortunate enough to receive at the time.


From its supplying of Belleville boots to new recruits on the home front, to its more recent role in helping to sustain our nation's current Global War on Terror, service men, and women, have been thankful for their products, which have embodied and resembles the fine, time-honored, tradition of the United States' military itself. Now, as the country's largest supplier of military boots, their investments in their own operations have certainly paid off, with a hefty, and noted production of over one million new Belleville boots manufactured, and shipped, annually.


Sustaining a feet, of this magnitude is certainly impressive and welcomed by those who have come to love their products and wear Bellville boots almost religiously. In many different theatres of military operation, soldiers, sailors, marines, and airmen alike have taken to public recognition of their new boots by referring to them in much the same manner that they may call their other, most trusted gear: by simply calling them "Bellvilles" in all their trusted reliability, that certainly, spans the decades of our nation's history.


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