For them, it is more than sitting around a campfire eating smores and spending time with family and friends. Setting up a campsite for our military personnel is a task that they undoubtedly will have to endeavor to create during their years of service to this country. Overseas and stateside alike, they are apt to get lost if in an area they are unfamiliar with. This campsite could be their home for the night, a day or several days, so it is important that their housing is of the upper most standards and will be able to withstand the elements of extreme temperatures or just that of a regular climate, as well as be dependable enough to get them through their stay by keeping them healthy.

Well, you can not have a campsite without some sort of housing. First, let's discuss the tent. The tent must be able to house just one or several of our military's personnel and must be able to keep them safe from the rugged terrains of all countries. Tents come in a plethora of types and styles. The Rapid Deployable System is a tent for military and first responders alike. It is used for surgical suites, a command post, logistics, operations center as well as other base operations. It comes equipped with stove pipe vents and detachable walls for connecting to other tents and an air ventilation system. It is ideal for setting up as soon as possible when you arrive to your destination. If your destination is that of combat, rest assured there is a tent for that too! The combat tent can house usually only two men and is good for three seasons. It can withstand temperatures from zero degrees up to 120 degrees in addition to winds between 40 and 55 miles per hour. Its structure allows for easy clothes changing and has a vestibule for storing gear as well as being protective from infrared lighting. It is waterproof, sand proof and flame resistant. With two doors, an entrance and an exit, it is available in camouflage, green and desert tan. (Combat tents also come in 1-person)

If cold weather is your destination, an extreme cold weather tent is your most viable option when shopping for tents. An extreme cold weather tent can become the home of up to four of our military's personnel comfortably. While being rather large in size, most of these cold weather tents are light weight and pack up small for easy travel. Most of these tents are operable from -25 degrees up to 125 degrees, so they are multi-functional for temperatures and can stand firm in winds ranging from 50 miles per hour up to 65 miles per hour. Adorned with a 30 square foot vestibule area, our men and women in uniform have a place to put their gear while sleeping.

If you are with your unit, company, or squadron, a multi purpose tent is beneficial to your camping experience. A general use tent can be easily transformed into a room for anything, be it the chow hall, a sleeping area, a place for a little bit of R&R or even surgical use. A general use military tent is operable in five environments. The first being rain. It will withstand a minimum of one inch of rain per hour for a time period of up to three hours and can handle wind blown rain horizontally at speeds up to 35 miles per hour. The second element is that of humidity. Between zero and 100% relative humidity, your tent will not be effected. Third, wind; this tent can be assembled in wind gusts up to 25 miles per hour and when it is when it is erect and ready for use, it will stand firm in a steady wind of 55 mph for up to 30 minutes and wind gusts of 65 miles per hour in three second durations from any direction. The fourth weather test is that of snow. A multi purpose tent is no doubt used in all locations even that of snowy areas and can hold 10 pounds of snow per square foot for up to 12 hours. Lastly, sunlight. For those long deployments, a general use tent is durable for 18 months of sunlight and will tolerate temperatures up to 160 degrees.

Being in that of a war zone, it is ever important for our military to stay protected by not only the elements of Mother Nature, but first and foremost, they need to be protected from the enemy. When purchasing a tent, be sure it is repellant of infrared. This will ensure that the material does not absorb radiation and will not allow the enemy to see the silhouettes of our uniformed heroes.

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