The idea that our minds play a major role in the shaping of our reality is not a new one. For thousands of years shamans, priests, healers and other "mystical" people have been aware and making use of this concept. In the last hundred or so years this notion has been gradually reaching mass consciousness. Today hundreds of books, movies, audio programs and what not is available to us, each one claiming to have THE solution to making the "law of attraction work for you". :)

I've read and listened to some of this stuff and one of the main problems I find with most materials is the unrealistic promises they tend to make, designed mainly to pump up your expectations and lead you to buy more of the authors materials. Almost none of them ever mentions that few people have the kind of karma that will allow them to have "anything they want, almost instantaneously". Whether there is a magic wand, which grants you every whim, I don't know. Would be nice but I haven't seen any evidence of it yet. What I do believe though is that we can use the universal forces to realize our major desires, the things we are really passionate about.

I find that the best way to explain the functioning of these powers is by parallel with things from our daily lives and one of my favorite metaphors is that of the growing tree.

In this metaphor your desire or idea is compared to a seed of a fruit-bearing plant, the mind is the soil and you are the gardener.

Having a desire is like putting a seed into the soil. What kind of fruits you will get depends on the seed. The quality and quantity of the fruits depends on the soil, your gardening skills, as well as your patience and persistence.

So to get the fruits we want we have to make sure we've chosen the right seed. We'll never get the fruit of love and serenity by sawing hatred and anger and no material possessions came out of the seed of frustration.

We also have to make sure that the soil is good, that there are no weeds and pests sucking the life out of our precious plant. The best method I've found for removing "weed" from the mind is daily meditation. Other methods that seem to work for people are NLP(neuro-linguistic programming), EFT (emotional freedom technique), brain sync and others. Personally I stick with meditation (I'll recommend a meditation at the end of this article).
On the other hand, some plants will not germinate in certain soils - if we want something but believe it to be evil or think that we don't deserve it, it won't happen. In this case it's time to change our soil :)) or give up on that particular fruit.

As a skillful gardener we take good care of our plant, especially while it's still small and fragile/frail. We water it, we regularly remove the weeds and do what is necessary so it may grow big, straight and beautiful.

We understand that collecting the fruits takes time and we don't try to hurry things along. Using fertilizers may give us bigger fruits more quickly but they are not as tasty and as healthy as the natural thing. You can "get" the fruit of happiness by using mind-altering substances for example, but they often have a very sour aftertaste. You can even steal someone else's fruits but you have to deal with the consequences.

There are things going on below the ground - the seed grows roots, the roots find nourishment and so on. We don't see and don't control these processes - we just trust that Nature is taking care of it all. We don't dig out the seed to see if roots are growing, as this will kill the plant...In the same way we shouldn't have any doubt that our desire will manifest, even while it is still only in our minds. Doubts are weeds that nip our dreams while they are still in the bud.

Unfortunately different things can happen to our plant and it may not grow at first. Maybe there were too much weeds, maybe the soil wasn't good enough yet, the year was droughty or we simply chose the wrong seed. We may be sad but if we really want it we'll sow this particular plant again and again, correcting what we did wrong last time.

As the plant grows, if we've taken proper care of it, it will start giving more and more fruits. It will not require more care then when it was little...maybe it even needs less, as it's roots are now strong and it's trunk is steady.

As we become a better gardener we can have many trees which bear fruits throughout the whole year and thus we experience more and more abundance.

When being presented with the idea of the law of attraction we are often led to believe that all we have to do is think good thoughts and stuff will start falling in our laps, which I believe is a misconception. The gardener on the other hand is always active, always doing something to make his plants better.

I hope you enjoyed this article and the metaphor.

As I said I would like to suggest a meditation. I've been using the two meditations from Wayne Dier's book "Manifest your Destiny" and they've been awesome. Wayne Dier himself got them from an Indian guru who's videos are now on youtube. You can learn the first meditation here.
The second meditation is not available as far as I know. In essence it's another sound meditation, this time one recites the mantra "OM" focusing once attention on gratitude for all the wonderful things that already in one's life.
I personally prefer the way Dier explains the process and recommend his book and audio program.