When faced with pregnancy, teens have several options. Each one must be considered seriously. There are several factors that must be considered for each option.

Single Parenthood

Having a tiny baby to cuddle and love can seem very appealing . Indeed, it can be rewarding to care for someone who is so small, helpless, and dependent. However, caring for a newborn is a huge responsibility, and becoming a parent is a life long commitment. All these responsibilities can be draining for an adult and even more so for a teen. Not surprisingly, many teen parents suffer from burnout or depression and need to find support. Teens considering single parenthood needs to be realistic and ask a lot of questions. How much help,emotional and financial, can one teen patent expect from the other? From his or her own parents and other family members? A teen considering single parenthood must guard against romanticizing the situation. For example, a teen who isn't interested in marriage during the pregnancy is unlikely to change his or her mind after the birth. Parents, counsellors, and other adults can help teens develop realistic expectations for their own situations as single parents.


Marriage has many benefits from both the teen parents and their child. At any age, however, marriage isn't easy. It takes a special commitment, responsibility, and work. Married teens face a special set of problems. As the initial excitement of marriage wears off, the strains of responsibility and the new social situation set in. Teens who marry because of a pregnancy face an additional problem. They have to adjust to parenthood at the same time they are adjusting to being married. Married teens who meet these challenges can find themselves with a strong and rewarding relationship. Having two people share the child care lessens the work of each. Finally, married teens can build a caring home for a child.


Adoption is another option for pregnant teens. In adoption, the birth mother and father legally give up their rights and responsibilities for raising the child to another family. The decision to place a baby for adoption is not easy. Teens considering adoption need to think it through carefully, because it's a permanebt decision. Many teens choose adoption because they feel they aregiving their child an opportunity for more care, guidance, and love than they are able to provide at this stage of their lives. Placing a baby for adoption for these reasons is an act of love. However, even when the decision is made with careful thought and consideration, it is an emotional decision. There are two types of adoption. In confidential adoption, the birth parents don't know the names of the adoptive parents. In an open adoption, birth parents and adoptive parents know something about each other. There are different levels of open adoption based on how much information is shared with both sets of parents.

Teens need to really think about their options before making a decision that will effect them for the rest of their lives