Wormholes can be a difficult concept for people to understand. Space wormholes are theoretical rips or warps in space within the universe but have never been proven to actually exist. These types of wormholes would make it possible to move through large distances in space almost immediately as you go in one end of the wormhole and exit in a completely different part of the universe.

Thinking about this concept may be against common sense at first, but if you can think of our universe in dimensions - three dimensions of space and one dimension of time - it is possible to make sense of wormholes.

Lay a piece of paper in front of you and imagine a two-dimensional world on this piece of paper. All the inhabitants of this universe could walk length wise and width wise anywhere on this sheet of paper at any point in time but they are missing the third dimension - depth - they can never go up off of the paper. These inhabitants can't even comprehend what depth is.

Now that we are in our three dimensional world, take one side of the paper and connect it to the other side making a cylindrical shape. Imagine a three dimensional inhabitant in this world. He could walk along this piece of paper forever in a circle as you connected the two edges of the paper together. But think about how this effect would appear to the two-dimensional inhabitants stuck on the piece of paper. To them, this character walked to the edge of the paper and magically appeared on the other side!

It's just like a Pac Man game where you exit on the right side of the screen and your Pac Man character magically appears on the left side. If you were to reshape the computer screen into a cylinder and connect the two exits/entrances to one another, this would look like a perfectly rational move through our three dimensions as the two exits represent a continuous tunnel. But on a flat screen it looks like a sudden move to another point in space.

This is the same basic concept for a wormhole in space. In our three dimensional world it would look like a sudden jump from one point to another. But for someone who lived in a spatial world with four dimensions, they would easily "fold" the third dimension into the fourth one much like we would fold the two dimensional paper world into a cylinder, making it a three-dimensional world to our perspective. I am hopeful that one day science can either discover a wormhole or create one in order to cover long distances across the universe almost instantly.

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