Hammocks have always been a favorite gear for relaxing outdoors. The recent introduction of portable hammocks has changed the old concept of using a hammock only in the outdoors. With the new innovative models, it can be used anywhere effortlessly, indoors or outdoors. They are made of lightweight materials and can be set up in practically any setting.

The design of a portable hammock is such that it can be neatly folded and easily carried from one place to another. The material used is extremely durable and can hold almost 400 lb of weight without any problem. This is a great thing to be taken to the beach, picnic, camp, porch and backyard or simply can be used inside a room.

The Kelsyus Portable Hammock is a very popular brand specializing in transportable hammocks. This compact hammock when tidily folded fits in a backpack easily. It weighs only 22lb and is very manageable. The hard-wearing nylon body is accompanied by tough steel frames. The body is also coated with PVC that makes it water resistant and easy to clean. It can be set up in no time without the help of any extra tools.

A portable folding hammock is an ideal way to lounge in the lawn, yard or beach. It is basically a self-sufficient hammock which can be easily folded and packed while going for an outing. Usually it comes with its own carry bag for easy mobility. The frame is made of light yet sturdy metals like aluminum and steel. The body is made of breathable fabrics like thick cotton, vinyl or parachute.

Portable hammock stands are optional attachment that may or may not be bought with a hammock. It proves useful in areas where there are no trees or poles to tie the hammock to. Usually PVC, wood or iron rods are used as the stands. They are quite heavy and cannot be moved singlehandedly. It may be purchased from stores or tailor-made. But they usually have a very unattractive look.

Portable hammocks are very easy to maintain and with proper maintenance they sustain for years. It is good to clean it properly with soap water after every use and dry it completely before storing it to avoid the growth of fungus or mild-dew. A hammock can be bought for as less as $50 to superior models costing up to $200. The price basically depends upon the craftsmanship and quality of the hammock.

Even though you may think your hammock is sturdy you may still want to anchor it with some titanium tent pegs. Anchoring it down will keep it upright even in a strong storm. With anything it is always a good idea to take care of the things you invest your money in and a hammock is no different.