If you have a lot of nightmares, or weird dreams, and want to get rid of them or find out what they mean, then this might work for you. Notice I said might, so I’m not going to guarantee this will work for everyone. So first thing that I want you to do is get a dream journal. Why a dream journal? You need to remember most of your dream in order to begin to understand what it means
            So, you got your dream journal? Good, now as soon as you wake up, don’t, I repeat don’t move, the first thing you do is ask yourself, “What did I dream about?” or something similar. If you remember anything at all, write it down, a face, a flower, a color, etc, write it down. Including emotions, if you were scared, jot it down, happy, sad, etc. You should be able to remember more as you write, don’t worry about the order right now, just write down everything you remember. Now that you’ve done that, go to a different page and try to place everything in the correct order.(Don’t forget to date it) Okay now after that…
            After you do that the first time, I want you to do that for a few more days, to a week. Now read about your dreams/ nightmares. I want you to look for details, people, and emotions for each dream. Circle them or put a start next to them or whatever you want, as long as you know why it’s there. Now I want you to look for things that reoccur, even if the dream is about two different things. Nightmares usually have the same thing happen(if dreamt closed together) even though the backdrop or whatever is different(or they can be the exact same dream.) I used to have nightmares where I was always running for something. (A monster, people, a meteor crashing to earth, etc.) Point is, you can basically be dreaming about the same thing with a different environment. Now after you finish  doing that, think about what’s there. Are you being chased by something? Are you fighting something? Maybe it’s a dream where you met someone and had a really weird conversation, in that conversation, maybe there’s words that pop out at ya. Most of the time, dreams are just your subconscious trying to till you something, reoccurring dreams mean you’re just not getting what it’s trying to tell you. So you got everything down? Do you see anything reoccurring? If you do that’s probably what your subconscious is trying to tell you. Think about it for a minute, but don’t over think it, sometimes it’s something simpler than you think.
            Hopefully you’ll get the meaning of your dreams/nightmares now. I said this wasn’t going to work for everyone, but I know it worked for me.