Surf spots like crazy beautiful places in California, Hawaii and Oz where you have to weave your way through crowds are all good and well, but it's usually where the whole world and his wife ends up and to really get away from it all and get your slice of the "endless wave" you don't have to travel to the ends of the earth.

Maybe just a flight or two! Places like Morocco, Latin America, the Phlippines and a couple of places in Europe which few people head over to can provide you with something totally different that you would get from your local beach or from the classic surfer beaches splashed around the world.

Some of these are the best surfing spots in the world - the only difference is that there are no crowds

Top less common surf spots - for who long - who knows

  • Talala, Sri Lanka - a couple of Austaralian surfers came across this spot which offers some big waves to take note of. There is an exclusive resort close by and it's about 15 minutes away. It's not beginner stuff. During the months of April to September you will find that it is at its best reaching 6-8 feet.
  • Head off to Cape Town, South Africa and th coast going up the Western Cape and you won't be able to step onto the beach. It's packed with holiday makers. Head off to the Eastern Cape and you can definitely expect bigger swell with undiscovered coastlines.
  • If you are brave enough then head off to Newfoundland in the Eastern part of the States. There is always a chance to have a couple of epic sessions here. If you are keen for solitude then this is the place to be and I can't see this area becoming overcrowded anytime soon.
  • Moving onto India. You can really find some beautiful spots here. The best time is from May to September during the monsoon season. The Bay of Bengal is a good place to start. Another good spot is Karnataka. Go to beaches like Murudeshwara or Maravanthe and this provides good surf for all levels. Have a fresh mango when you are done surfing. Is this paradise or what?!
  • Philippines - What is special about the Philippines is that I'm sure there will be undiscovered coastline wherever you go. There are so many islands that it makes it possible to find to find youreself your very own private beach. It's not a massive tourist attraction so you won't find millions of people in the water like you do in some areas around here. Places like La Union near Luzon offers some nice breach breaks for the beginners. Also near Luzon is Zambales, which offer some nice waves for more skilled surfers.Philippines

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  • Cape Verde - 10 islands off West Africa off some good surf on beaches with few footprints on them. Big swells and strong winds make this a good surfing destination. However, it became a little more popular since Josh Angulo, a pro Hawaiian surfer started to promote the area. That being said, it's still a place to get away from it all. The more skilled surfers should head east to Cabessa de Salinas which will give you some nice swells, just in front of a reef. There's a surf school here run by Josh so that may be a nice idea for a vacation if you are into that sort of thing.Cape Verde

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  • Panama - there are a couple of beaches here, some of them more busy than others. It doesn't cost a lot to go to Panama so budget surfers should be smiling at this option. Bocas del Toro is a beach for a skilled surfer. This area is not densely populated and the surf is good so you can be sure to find soem good breaks. If you are prepared for a beach that is a little more crowded, but that offers waves for all levels then head up to Santa Catalina. There are loads of other spots in Latin America like Columbia and Nicaragua which you may not have thought have thought of before.Panama

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  • For zero crowds and perfect conditions go to Huatuclo. From Salina Cruz to Huatulco, you will find sand and rock breaks.
  • Huatuclo has some of the best undiscovered surf spots in Oaxaca especially between the 200 km of coastline from Salina with both right and left breaks. Outside Hutuclo you will have to bring your tent because accommodation is a rare find. Both Playa Mojon and La Bocano are well known spots.
  • Nicaragua - Some may say that this surf spot is a little overpopulated right now. However, if you plan your trip, do your homework, then you could just surprise yourself. It is not like there is just one beach! There are so many waves here for all levels of surfers.

Sometimes it is best just to head off there, and drive around looking for a good spot to go paddling out. You will find a lot of empty line ups, and that may not be something you are quite used to, but a dream come true at the same time.

There are all types of breaks down in Nicaragua, making it one of the world's best surf spots. There are also a lot of companies here, that will take care of your needs so you don't have to go out looking for the best surf. Some people own private beaches and all you have to do is basically rock up.

Now, this can cost you, but they cater for all everyone, and not everyone want to go the luxurious route. You should probably get here between April and September because this is when the big wave season kicks off - this is where you will get waves reaching your shoulders. Out of season, you will still be in for some epic surfing.

The temperatures during the day and at night are good, the vibes are even better, with a lot of friendly people filling up this little place.

Defintiely skip Disneyland - all you have there are a couple of man made predictable waves - no thanks!

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