white chalk horse and monolithCredit: Footloose

As our planet becomes smaller because we have such a global connection to it, earth mysteries become more curious because they are still unexplained, even with all of our forward technologies. Whether you have walked the ring around Avesbury, England, and marveled at the nearby chalk horse on the hill with the monolith closeby, or traveled to Egypt to see the great pyramid, you’ve got to have some wonder for the unknown.

There are still visible huge, chalk cut horse figures in Wiltshire County, England, and why they were carved remains a mystery. The soil on the hillsides where the horses are carved contain chalk below the topsoil. That is at least something considered to be fact about the white horses.

Nearby Avesbury is Silbury Hill which is the world’s largest prehistoric mound figured to have been built 4500 years ago by man. Why? No one knows for sure!

I Love a Mystery
I love a mystery, and the questions surrounding one like; who built Stonehenge, what is Stonehenge, and when was Stonehenge built? The answers to these are all Stonehenge theories. The megalith construction may have been an observatory, a religious site, or some secret building standing on a certain ley line for planetary directions from aliens. There are countless theories that increase the interest in the Stonehenge mystery.

When I first heard about Atlantis, then Lemuria, I decided that I must have been a Lemurian. Of course, what I heard was something like this. Atlantis and Lemuria were 2 great,StonehengeCredit: Footloose highly evolved civilizations (settled here by alien cultures). These ancient cultures differed in the idea of controlling lesser evolved cultures on earth. The beings from Atlantis thought there should be control over the less evolved cultures, and the Lemurians thought that those should be left to evolve on their own. Eventually the control issue ended up in a nuclear war, and both became lost lands that sunk into an ocean. I hadn’t really thought about those stories until after I visited Peru.

Most Mysterious Place on Earth
To this day I believe Peru is the most mysterious place on earth that I have been to. It really has everything - ancient and puzzling Nazca lines, fortresses built high in the Andes with rocks that fit perfectly together (Machu Picchu is one), pyramids (28 pyramids in Tucume), the Museo de Oro del Peru (the rich Gold Museum in Lima), Lake Titicaca (the world’s highest navigable lake with floating islands), the Monasterio de Santa Catalina (actually a huge convent, a city within a city, Arequipa, that was closed and shrouded in mystery for 400 years), and the Sacred Valley around Cuzco. I have only mentioned a few of the vast wonders that are inexplicable in this mystical country. I have always wanted to return to explore further, and feel like I am part of the transcendental footprints from another time. The most recent writing about Atlantis and Lemuria stated that thoughts were they were where Lake Titicaca is. It made sense to me.

Holy Wells
What about wishing wells? Have you wondered about their significance in a mysterious sense as places on earth? Most ancient and magical practices were performed at wells somewhere within a considered religious center. There is a myth that children were bathed in wells for rheumatism relief. Also that well water was used to bathe sore eyes, then a pin was dropped in the well. Indeed, many pins have been found at the bottom of wells, not so many coins. Sacred wells are associated with sacred trees nearby - usually a thorn tree (rowan or hawthorn). It is likely that the tree branches were utilized for placing ritual items on, and definitely for supposed witchcraft ceremonies. Springs of Holy Wells are found all over the earth and are held in awe by believers in the healing waters. There is superstition presumed by observers of the rites and ceremonial traditions from local customs.

However, superstitious or not, wells are still considered sacred today. The huge pilgrimages to Lourdes is but one example of a mystery that endures. The spirit of the well lives on. Ireland is reputed to have 3000 plus Holy Wells that are still regularly visited today. There is the view that the Holy wells were from pagan sites that got “adopted” by Christianity, and became dedicated to a saint. Certainly this is a common ground of historic evolution of the wells.

Bermuda Triangle
A most uncanny mystery place is the Bermuda Triangle. It is a giant triangle on the sea off the coast of Florida where many ships and planes have disappeared over centuries. The triangle covers around 500,000 miles from Miami to Bermuda to San Juan, Puerto Rico, in the Atlantic ocean. A common theory is that the area is a space portal for alien capture of earthlings, or some similar occult type occurrence. It is also known as the Devil’s Triangle. Many of the disappearances have been thoroughly investigated and remain a mystery. The majority thought (if one is not being a skeptic) is that of paranormal activity taking place.

There are sure to be more mysterious places on earth yet to be discovered. Meanwhile we have plenty to wonder about.