If you haven’t read my other article on unfinished furniture, I would highly recommend it, especially if you’re in search of end tables that can accent your current home decor. Unfinished furniture is very important to people who are artists and designers. It’s also quite important to people who love to work with their hands and just want something that works best with their current decor and design in the home. These pieces of craftsmanship allow a person to start on a foundation that they are already pleased with and make it their own. You can stain unfinished furniture right away, or you could paint it to however you’d like. It’s such a great way to add flare and personality that most people aren’t able to do.

What I’d like to do in this review article is simply to review a couple pieces of unfinished articles to show you and let you know that they’re out there. These designs are beautiful and well made for sturdiness, easy assembly, and quality care for any of their customers. I’ll even show you a couple reviews by people who already have purchased these pieces of unfinished furniture. So let’s get to these masterpieces.

Unfinished Furniture(45942)

Solid Wood Sideboard by Furniture WoodWorks

This piece of unfinished furniture can go in any one of your rooms, but could look best next to your dining room table for accent purposes. The fine china can be kept in here, along with other larger bowls and plates. This can be used for all purposes and that’s entirely up to you. What is also up to you is the way you’d like it to look. Because it’s an unfinished piece of furniture, you have the freedom to paint or finish it however you’d like.

This piece is solid pine, easy to assemble, easy to finish, and features raised panel wooden doors. The dimensions are 18 inches x 44 inches x 34 inches and weighs about 57 pounds. It’s solid and strong. Listen to what some of the current customers of this furniture piece have to say about it:

“We really like this piece of furniture. It is solid wood--even the back panel is wood. Couple of the wooden pegs did not fit, but all else fit very well and the piece is very stable and sturdy.

Just to be extra strong, I added a bunch of steel brackets on the under side and the inside shelf. The inside is very spacious and the one shelf is also very spacious. The top board is 18x44inches, so its quite big.

Shipping was very prompt and packaging was excellent.”

“A very nice product. I will definitely be purchasing from this company again. When we received the package there was a duplicate piece and a missing piece (two pieces that looked almost identical, just a couple of drill holes made it difference *an easy mistake to make* ). Some of the best customer service I have ever had. I emailed the company and they shipped me the missing piece immediately free of charge and shipping. Be accurate placing and screwing pieces together and you will have a sturdy piece of furniture. My son who is 40 lbs was laying inside on the floating shelf and it held perfectly. I put a lot of my weight on it (over a hundred pounds) and no movement. I lifted it, I pulled it, I pushed it; this is a very solid piece of furniture. For the price, it was way more than I expected. Thank you to the company for the current purchase and I look forward to buying from you again. By the way, having it available on Amazon is very convenient and is very helpful.” – Becky H.

Unfinished Furniture(45943)

Dual Drop Leaf Table by International Concepts

This beautifully basic design comes in two different sizes: 36 inches and 42 inches. Choose which one best fits your current dining room or other area of the home. Made from solid parawood, this piece of unfinished furniture is easy to assemble and has adjustable glides on the legs. This table was given 5 stars out of 5 stars for quality, look, and design. Read what a couple customers had to say about it:

“I couldn't find many options for a round, pedestal dining room table less than 42 inches, and was happy to find this one. I have never finished any furniture before, but it is in ready-to-finish condition when shipped. I did no sanding prior to the stain and polyurethane (minwax products, natural color) and the finish came out great. The leaves seem a little useless, only change the size by a couple of inches, but overall very happy with the product. No reason to shy away from the unfinished wood project.” – Kmac

“Needed a small table and needed it to go big when I need to. This is the perfect table if you are looking for a small table to give you room when not needed, but can go big if you do need it. The wood is great and it comes sanded very good, smooth. Need to do your own finish as in color or stain. This table was easy to put together with all the parts. I give this a 5 star.” – Tim C.

“If you’re in the mood/time to sand and polish the table, this is it!! I took a weekend to work on this table and it came out AWESOME! Otherwise, the table is well made and i saved $$ from buying one at Macys furniture that was $400.” – Suaze


If you’re interested in purchasing either one of these tables, then click on the title of each product and you’ll be sent to the respectable page where there are more reviews and other descriptions that may help you to decide what’s best for your home or apartment. If you’re looking for other pieces of unfinished furniture, then this other article may help you too. We wish you the best of luck in your search for the best unfinished piece of furniture for you!