What is making you UnHappy?

What is making you unhappy? Do you even know, because if you don't know, no one else is going to be able to tell you? Sorry, I am not scolding anyone; I am talking to me too. Sometimes we have to write things down just to see what our problems are, don't you think? But, it is true, only we know how to look within us to find why we are not happy with our life, our love, our job, our partner, anything. Let's get this straight upfront:

No one else can make us happy! Happiness comes from within! If we are to know what is making us unhappy, we must search within.

Okay, we got that out of the way. Now we can move toward something more positive in trying to find out what is making us unhappy.

"Unhappiness is best defined as the difference between our talents and our expectations"

By Dr. Edward De Bono

"Unhappiness is not knowing what we want, and killing ourselves to get it"

By Don Herold

"No man can be happy without a friend, nor be sure of his friend until he is unhappy"

By Thomas Fuller

"Did you ever see an unhappy horse? Did you ever see a bird that had the blues? One reason why birds and horses are not unhappy is because they are not trying to impress other birds and horses" by Dale Carnegie

"I am determined to be cheerful and happy in whatever situation I may find myself. For I have learned that the greater part of our misery and unhappiness is determined not by our circumstances but by our disposition" by Martha Washington

"There are seeds of self-destruction in all of us that will bear only unhappiness if allowed to grow" By Dorothea Brande

"To be happy is only to have freed one's soul from the unrest of unhappiness" By Maurice Maeterlinck

Okay, there we have some quotes, some famous and some I do not even know but at any rate, they are truth and fact. So now we start with finding out what is making us unhappy.

So, we are sad, we are bleak, blue, crestfallen, dejected, depressed, despondent, destroyed, disconsolate, dismal or down…to name a few things about unhappy moods. I still ask the question; Why? Remember this is for me too…I am studying this along with you so that the next time I try to blame someone like my husband for my unhappiness, I will know that he is not the reason.

Sometimes We Need Help!

Are you unhappy because you are stuck in something you don't think you can get out of?

Now let's ask some more questions:

Are you unhappy because you do not have what others have?

Are you unhappy because you have not found the job that pays you enough salary?

Are you unhappy because you do not think you spouse loves you?

Are you unhappy because you don't feel pretty or handsome?

Are you unhappy because you are over weight?

Are you unhappy because you are stressed for time and can't seem to get it all done?

Are you unhappy because you procrastinate?

Are you unhappy because you got wet in the rain today?

Are you unhappy because you got stuck in the traffic?

Are you unhappy because everything is not going to suite you?

Are you unhappy because you hate to clean the house?

Are you unhappy because your spouse expects too much of you?

Are you unhappy because you don't have any friends?

Are you unhappy because you can't take a vacation because of money?

Are you unhappy because your children have grown up and left you?

Are you unhappy because your job does not satisfy your ambitions?

Are you unhappy because every body has more fun than you?

Why are you unhappy?

I believe that HAPPINESS is a state of mind and from everything that I read about it, it appears to be true. We must remember that from reading all of the questions above, most of it is either something that we have control over or either we don't.

We have to separate the two and Change what we have control over and let the other rip. Sometimes we must change how we perform so that our Character will shine. Why would I want to be depressed because I am not pretty? Pretty is as pretty does… Beauty is from within anyway just like happiness. I think what we are as a person contributes to how we are viewed by others and one does not have to be beautiful to find real love. It is in the eye of the beholder…but on the other hand...

We have control over getting a better job, we have control over setting some rules around the house to give us more time to be good to ourselves. We have control over our eating habits and exercise. We also have control over our having friends. One has to show themselves friendly to have friends…there are ways to make friends, but we also have to remember when we are older things change and friends are not as important…as they used to be.

We have the ability to find a job that meets our expectations. If we do not, then we must apply ourselves with education, practice, studying, reading, working overtimes, or whatever it takes. There is nothing received from proscrastation; success take work. If one lives in the Country like I do, there are simply no jobs. It is a small town and you have to drive 30-90 miles to get satisfactory employment…unless you are in a certain profession like nursing, teacher, doctor, and attorney. In saying that, one must still find a way to meet the minimum requirements to make a decent living.

Bottom line is, what can you do to make things different in your life to get you to the state of being "happy"? Usually when I am unhappy it is because of some of my failures at some point in my life. It is mostly the things I cannot undo, redo, live over, try again or take back, so I have to move on and make the best of today with what I have and be thankful it is not any worse.

I feel more motivated…how about you….Let's move forward, not backward…the past is yesterday and cannot be lived again, so bask in today's blessing as we all have them…once we start to count them. Happiness is catching, like enthusiasm, say it out loud until you feel it; I am happy, I am happy. Life is too short not to be happy! Unhappy- Says who?