Uni Blue Registry Booster 2011

Are you dealing with a slow PC? Do you know what to do to fix it? No average user will know how to find errors, let alone how to find invalid links in your PC. All these problems cause a PC to slow down as-well as other problems.

Before I go any further, I would like to point out that I am in no way trying to force people to buy this product, and, should any person decide to buy this product, I in no way shape or form make any profits at all from this. I am only trying to help people in these tough economic times save money. If I can help I will, PC Maintenance is the best way to reduce future problems. My dream is to one day own a PC shop, but mostly dedicated to gaming, this is my way of making a start and put my experience over the last eight odd years to practice.

Well registry booster 2011 and system tweek 2011 will take care of these problems. These tools are not freeware but they work very well. How I got these tools was about 2 weeks ago I built myself a PC from an old one my boss gave me, it was really slow plus it was full of Trojans and other virus's, anyway after using a anti-virus tool to fix the problems, I ran into other problems like, not being allowed on the INTERNET, slow boot time aswell as really slow shutdown. So I went on the net with my other PC and did some research and found Registry Booster 2011 and System Tweek 2011 and proceeded to use these tools. I was amazed with what Reg Booster 2011 found. I had 843 errors under my user and 211 other user errors, so I proceeded to let the tool do the repairers and, 5 Minutes later I had a new PC that was so fast I could not believe my eyes.

Well in the past I have used similar tools to fix PC problems, only to find that when I shut down the PC and then turn it on when I need it again the problems start all over again. well with reg booster 2011 I have not had any of these problems. This tool also has a registry defrag as-well which also makes a huge difference in boot time and shut down time.

Now for System Tweek 2011, this tool opens tools that are normally hidden from the average user, this tool allows you to turn on or off windows features that can turbo boost your PC like you wouldn't believe but you need to be carefully what you do or you will really make a mess of it.

I am still learning how to use this tool properly so I am unable to give much info on it, but I do recommend it for experienced users only.

I hope you guys out there in the cyber world find this useful and, fix your own PC without paying big dollars for a PC Tech Guy to fix what you can really do yourself. I have only been using PC's for about 8 years now and I have never paid for a PC guy yet, fix all problems by myself and always will, Why pay someone else if you can spend a little time doing research on-line and fix it yourself.