The word uniform means the same, undifferentiated or conforming. This definition helps when you are considering just what Uniforms are.

Uniforms are set pieces of clothing which are worn by all the people in a particular group.

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People such as, for example:-

  • Nurses
  • Police Officers
  • Security guards
  • Hospital porters.
  • Bus Drivers
  • Cleaners
  • Some shop workers
  • Schoolchildren
  • A Vicar
  • The Pope
  • In-flight steward
  • Pilot
  • Seaman
  • Soldier

Of course there are so many more.

NunsArmy VeteranNurses uniforms in the past

Uniforms are sometimes worn more for their practical purposes, rather than just for their appearance. Hats worn by Chefs and Bakers are worn to prevent hair falling into food. Overalls worn by Refuse Collectors are worn to protect their clothes from dirt. Hospital Operating Theatre staff wear uniforms to minimize the spread of infection.

However, sometimes the main or secondary purpose of the uniform is appearance. Some occupations need to wear a standardized uniform, in order to be easily recognizable, in for example, a crowd. At a football match the players, referee and security guards are all easy to identify due to their uniforms.

At such sporting events it is even possible to tell which fans support which team, if they are wearing the teams colours. This, however, is not a uniform as such as it will vary slightly and is not compulsory wear.

The uniforms worn by military personnel vary according to the individual's rank, whether they are members of the navy, army or air force and their current duties. Such personnel will have ceremonial dress as opposed to fighting attire and many more uniforms.

School Uniforms are still worn by some school children and opinion seems to be mixed on this subject. A child's school uniform can be expensive to purchase. However, such a uniform is a great leveler. All the children at the school will look the same and there will be no striving by some children to look better than the other children. School uniforms also tend to be practical and appropriate for attending school.

Each school usually has its own uniform, which may vary a little from other schools. This may just be by having the school's badge on the blazers or having particular colours in the school tie. School uniforms, though, can also help nurture a feeling of a school community and may also instill some discipline in the children.

In the workplace Uniforms are often provided by the employer. In some cases though the worker will have to pay all or some of the cost of their uniform.

In the UK those who have to wear a uniform may be able to claim a tax allowance against the cleaning of their uniform.

People have worn uniforms for centuries. The Roman Legions wore a uniform, as did the priests in Christ's time.

Hippies Often one generation sees the clothes worn by the youth of the day, as a type of uniform. These clothes may show that the person is a fan of Punk Music, or a Hippy, however, their garb is usually far from uniform.

Uniforms can be uncomfortable and not all are well designed. However, most of us at sometime or another, will have to wear a Uniform.