Every driver is required to have his insurance coverage in order to prove that he is capable of paying compensation for road accidents he will be held liable for. However, there are careless motorists who drive around without an insurance policy which makes it hard for the other party to recover damages owed to him.

Because of this, more and more drivers avail of uninsured motorist coverage which provides them of the much needed money for the repairs of their vehicle or the treatment for their injury.

There are states which require drivers to have this uninsured motorist (UM) coverage so that their insurance provider will be able to compensate for the damages they've sustained in the accident.

It is important for the motorist to review and study the coverage they will avail as they may not be getting the best insurance policy that suits their needs. A UM coverage usually provides the insured with:

  • Hospitalization expenses and other medical bills

  • The person's lost earnings

  • Pain, suffering, and emotional distress

  • Disfigurement

  • Hedonic damages caused by the victim's inability to engage in major life activities such as walking

The uninsured motorist coverage usually works well with other coverage such as the collision coverage which covers the damages to the person's vehicle. For those who wish to avail of this coverage, you must immediately contact your insurance agent and inquire as to how you can get it.

Motorists must keep in mind that a UM coverage not only protects them from uninsured or underinsured motorists but against hit-and-run drivers as well.

There have been many cases wherein a driver would choose to flee the scene of an accident than to exchange information with the other party and be responsible for his actions. When this happens, the motorist will have to wait until the suspect is caught, or if he will ever be caught, to be compensated for the damages.

In these cases, the victims are usually left to carry the burden of expenses that resulted from these mishaps with irresponsible hit-and-run drivers. But, with a UM coverage, this won't happen.

After an accident, the driver must:

  • Have himself checked and treated by medical personnel

  • Report the accident to authorities and ask for a copy of the police report

  • Call the insurance agent and inform him of the accident

  • Inquire on how you can recover compensation for the accident

For those whose claims have been rejected by the insurance provider, it would b best to consult with a personal injury lawyer who knows just what to do.