Union Plus Skip Payment Protection - Loans for Credit Card Debt and Reward and High Cash Back BonusSkip two consecutive monthly credit card payments and use low interest loans to consolidate and payoff credit card debt by using Union Plus credit card.

The last two years bore witness to disastrous layoffs in the auto industry. General Motors and Delphi were the first companies to feel the heat. Ford quickly followed suit. The layoffs shattered the aspirations of innumerable union members in this sector. The saving grace of union membership has come in the form of Union Plus Credit Cards. Individuals who are members of unions are strongly being advised to apply for this card because of the the numerous benefits it showers on the cardholder. A brief outline of these incentives is listed below:
  • The Skip Payment Option
  • Strike Payment Protection
  • The Union Plus Scholarship Program
  • The Union Plus Loan Program
  • The CreditKeeper facility
Most of these features were introduced for the first time by this card. Even today, a consumer can reap the benefits of these features only through the Union Plus Credit Card.

Skip Payment Option

The economic downturn has caused an upsurge in financial difficulties. Unemployed workers are increasingly hard pressed to secure funds. The Union Plus Credit Card combats the difficulties of this unprecedented monetary crunch by allowing their cardholders to skip two payments during a two month period.

Strike Payment Protection

Unions across America are resorting to strikes to safeguard their rights. The Union Plus Credit Card empathizes with the union members' difficulties and allows them to skip up to four payments within a twelve month period. Strike Payment Protection is offered either for a union sanctioned strike or for lock outs of at least 30 days. To prevent the misuse of this facility, the cardholder is can't use the Skip Payment and Strike Payment options for more than three consecutive months.

Union Plus Scholarship Program

The Union Plus Credit Card Program funds this facility. The Scholarship Program includes the spouses and dependent children of union members. The Union Plus Scholarship Program has awarded over $1.7 million to needy students.

Union Plus Loan Program – Loans to Consolidate Credit Card Debt

This facility extends favorable loan terms to help union members tide over financial crisis. The benefits include long repayments and low competitive interest rates on loans. The Union Plus Loan Program provides an alternative fund source to union members.

CreditKeeper - Get Your Credit Score

By using the CreditKeeper facility consumers can make the three main credit agencies to reveal their credit scores and ratings. The cardholder can also secure his/her driver's records, medical records and social security records.

Other Facilities - Reward and Cash Back Bonus Points

The Union Plus Credit Card is the only card endorsed by the AFL – CIO. Every dollar spent on gas stations, grocery stores and drug stores accrues 2 points. Regular purchases elicit one point per dollar. The first purchase charged on the card earns user 2000 bonus points. These points can be redeemed for variety of cash back rewards.

This card does not charge any annual fee or balance transfer fee. Following the six-month fixed 1.99% APR period, the regular APR can rest anywhere between 12.99% and 19.99%. Monthly balances are calculated using the daily balance method. The card comes with a 25 day grace period and does not hold the client liable for unauthorized purchases.