There is little that's more fun than the holidays when it comes to baby halloween costumes for twins and multiples. Most parents want their twins to wear things that are similar without being exactly matching and this year there is more variety than ever.

Whether for twins, multiples, or whole families, utilizing a theme can generate a coordinated look that's fun for everyone.

There are many theme options one can draw on whether it be a movies, foods, monsters, action characters, or historical figures. Identifying which way one wants to go is often the hardest part of the whole process because it should be safe, fun, and reflect something about their personality. Regardless of where one chooses to shop, when it comes to twins and multiples, creativity often serves a parent best.

If, for example, one selects a movie theme such as the Wizard of Oz, there are many characters one can choose from to reflect the theme. One might choose the lion, tin man, or the scarecrow.

On the other hand, one might dress one as the good witch while the other plays the bad witch. If the babies are boys one might elect a winged monkey while the other plays Oz himself. If the whole family participates the entire cast could be represented.

Food is always a great theme choice, as well. Any combination of fruits and vegetables go well together and are an extremely colorful choices for those who really want to make a statement. Many, such as two peas in a pod, are actually buntings that ensure babies stay warm and are cute as a button to boot. A pair of candy bars can also make a statement. Perhaps a Hersey and Payday; although similar they will demonstrate that the pair have distinct personalities.

Today's themes also lean toward the services many rely on everyday. Police officers or firefighters can be adorable in miniature. Other options might include two little school teachers, a pastor and angel, doctor and nurse, and many others. As with most costumes they can be either homemade or found from sites or stores specializing in these types of dress.

There are many themes that have continued to be trendy over time. Disney's animated characters are always a popular choice as are action heroes and many allow mixing genders along with colors.

Beauty and the Beast would be a perfect choice for a set of boy and girl twins as would Power Rangers dressed in red and pink. The main thing is that for anyone shopping for unique baby halloween costumes for twins and multiples, the right theme will help ensure the look is something that will be remembered for many years to come.