Baby shower poems are an excellent way to personalize every aspect of the day from the invitations to the favors, and even the cake or decorations.

Writing a heartfelt poem in place of the traditional wording that's usually in most shower invitations gives guests a pleasant surprise when reading the details of the shower.

All of those details, such as when and where the shower will take place, the time of day, and whether or not the mom-to-be is registered for gifts, could be turned into a poem instead of plainly listed inside the invitation in the usual, boring way.

When writing your own baby shower poems, use as many personal details as possible to emphasize the fact that this was especially crafted for the new mom, allowing you to share your feelings, and also give your congratulations.

Give yourself plenty of time to come up with a few ideas, or if you're having trouble, there's always the internet with thousands of web sites devoted to poetry with plenty of inspiring ideas to choose from.

Yet another way to use poems for baby showers is on the thank you cards that will be sent afterward, or on the thank you notes to pass out to guests as they're leaving.

Some hosts also give guests a small thank you gift as a token of their appreciation in addition to the card or notes. This practice is more common for showers that don't include the traditional games that are usually played.

The hostesses of the shower could also recite a poem created especially for the new mom, or incorporate a few verses of a well-known poem into the favors somehow. One or two lines could be written on the cake, as well as on the banners and signs used for decoration.

With a bit of thought, there are many creative ways of including baby shower poems as a part of the celebration. This added touch will give the day that extra something special, making this joyous event truly unique.

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