Make Your Next Party Stand Out With Basketball Cakes and Cupcake

Americans love to watch and play basketball, so why not make it the central theme of a birthday or holiday party. You can be sure that eating a yummy basketball cupcake is even more satisfying.  There is something about sugar and cream that does wonders for a basketball.   

12 ct Basketball Cupcake Rings

This party supply collection will provide you with basketball cupcakes that every boy will love. These cupcake rings can make the cupcakes look like basketballs. This set includes 12 cupcake rings that can shape one like a basketball. These basketball cupcakes will surely attract the attention of the guests especially the kids.  

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Wilton Sports Ball Pan Set

If one is making a basketball cake, this is the perfect pan to use. This includes two 6-inch diameter half ball aluminum pans. It also includes baking stands and decorating suggestions to further make the cake look like a real basketball. You can either make a square cake or top it with this half ball cake or you can make a whole basketball. These pans can make you style your own cake.  

Wilton Sports Cupcake Stand Kit

This can be used for the basketball cupcakes that were created. It is a 3 tier cupcake stand with a decorative topper. It includes basketball inspired cupcake baking cups to make the theme more balanced. This cupcake stand can hold up to 24 cupcakes. This is the latest style in having cupcakes in a birthday party. It is a perfect centerpiece on the dining table.  

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Wilton 7Pc Basketball Cake Decorations 2113-2237

This is a perfect set for a basketball cake. These toppers set include a forward, 2 centers, 3 guards, and a basketball goal. Each topper measures 2¼"H - 4"H. This can definitely make the cake look like a real basketball court with the players and hoop.  

Basketball Cupcake Rings

With the use of these cupcake rings, the cupcake will certainly be given a different look. This set includes 12 rings for the cupcakes. It can also be used as a party favor. Instead of just giving out the common cupcakes, these rings can be used to make the party more unique.  


Basketball Cake Toppers


Basketball Cupcake Picks

Even cupcakes can also be given toppers and these picks are perfect to make the cupcakes be in the basketball theme. This set includes 12 picks. It is made of plastic and can be reused. Each cupcake can have one pick on top to follow the basketball theme.  

Basketball Cake Topper – PopTop

This basketball inspired cake topper will add color and fun to any celebrant’s cake. This can just be set on the cake and let it stand. It is made of thin plastic which can be reused. One can style the cake with this cake topper and make it more customed.  

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Fast Break Basketball Party Cupcake Baking Cups

The cupcakes will look even more attractive if the baking cups will also follow the theme. For basketball themed party, these basketball cupcake baking cups can be the perfect supply to use. Make the cupcakes look more delicious and attractive with these beautifully printed baking cups. Each set contains 50 cups.  

24-pc Mini Basketball Rubber Ducky Party Favors

  These rubber ducky with basketballs can be used as party favors or cake topper. Each duck measures approximately 1-1/2"H x 1-1/2"W x 1-1/2"L. Each set contains 24 pieces of these mini basketball rubber duckies. This set can make a cupcake look cute. If the celebrant is a baby boy, then this cake topper is perfect for his birthday cake.  

Wilton All Star Cupcake Combo Pack

This combo pack is perfect for people who would like to give a personal touch to their kid’s cupcakes or cakes. This pack includes 24 each 2 inch diameter baking cups and 3 inch high paper party picks. This can be used to hold candy, cookies, goodies, gifts and other party favors. This is perfect to use in a basketball birthday party.

Wilton Mini Ball Pan

If you would like to create personal or small basketball cakes, this is the perfect pan to use. This pan can make 10 – 12 balls. It is made of good quality aluminum that is easy to use and clean. It also includes decorating suggestions to even make the cake more attractive. Instead of simple cupcakes, one can make small basketballs decorated with icing and candies.

Basketball Cake Topper Kit

To make the cake more basketball themed, it is better to have a whole team of players on the cake. This topper kit includes 4 basketball players and a hoop. You can style and decorate the cake according to your preferences. This is best used for a rectangular cake that is designed like a basketball court. Make the cake look realistic with these cake toppers.

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GIRLS BASKETBALL Cake Decorating Kit Supplies Birthday

Some little girls can also be hooked with the game of basketball. To provide your little girl with the perfect basketball inspired cake for her birthday, these cake toppers will surely make her day. It includes a set of two girls playing basketball and a hoop. Basketball can also be fun for little girls.


Basketball Cake Toppers

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