Birthday Cake Ideas For Kids

After all this time of bringing up your child, you get to witness all the beautiful developmental milestones. The time flies in a blink and you realize that now your child is a year old. Who does not want to celebrate the happy birthday of their kids in a most joyous manner? It is so often that whenever we plan a birthday party for our lovely kids, what we look for is a beautiful birthday cake! Don’t worry, your cake does not have be a cylindrical shaped flour and chocolate creation. Although that sounds yummy it may not be too interesting.

To make your child's birthday special, birthday cake kits  are available that helps you to give your child's birthday cake, a totally unique and beautiful look!

Through Birthday Cake kits, you can decorate the cake in your own stylish way. For birthday boys, a highly recommended birthday cake kit is STAR WARS - Darth Vader vs Luke Skywalker Dueling Cake Kit by Cake Decorating. STAR WARS - Darth Vader vs Luke Skywalker Dueling Cake Kit by Cake DecoratingCredit: Amazon.comIt is available with different deals. As we all know, boys are a big fan of STAR WARS. They would love to see the cake made of their favorite characters. Why not spend a nominal amount of money to have a beautiful decoration of the cake. There are even the characters that can be kept on the cake to give it a realistic look.
A common game that most of us has played in our childhood is SClick for larger image and other views  	 	 	 	 	 	 	    See all the images Share your own related images Mario Brothers 23 Piece Birthday Cake TopperCredit: Amazon.comUPER MARIO. It’s one of the most popular game that we have played and loved. There are several characters in SUPER MARIO. We can also make a cake out of these characters. Buy Popco Super Mario Series 1 Set of 6 Mini Party Figures Mario, Peach, Toad, Luigi, Yoshi Donkey Kong by PopCo (Formerly Master Replicas) as it is available at discount prices and this decorating kit surely gives an awesome finish to the cake.
Another cartoon that all the children love is mickey mouse. We all have watched cartoons in our childhood. On Halloween, most of the children want to dress up like mickey mouse and other cartoons. There are also other games that are made on such cartoon characters. We can also decorate the cake with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Cake Stand KitCredit:
Cake Stand Kit that provides you with the dummies of all the characters that can be set on the cake. There is also Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Surf Cake Kit by Decopac that serves the same purpose. In this kit, the mickey mouse is surfing on the sea and Minney mouse is laying down on the beach. It’s a whole moment captured in the form of a cake and children would love to have such a cake on their big day.
Circus Train Cake Decorating Kit by Bakery Crafts is another decoration kit for cake which have a whole circus drawn on it. For those parents who are celebrating the first birthday of their children, a recommended birthday kit for them is Blue 1st Birthday Cupcake Cake Toppers by Deco Pac. It is blue in color and looks like a cupcake. It is the cutest cake and is a perfect match for a first birthday.Circus Train Cake Decorating KitCredit:
Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Surf Cake KitCredit:
Mickey and Minnie Surf Cake Set











Other Great Ideas In Birthday Cake Kits For Kids

My Little Pony Cake Kit by Bakery Crafts
This product is one of those products which is eligible for free Super Saver Shipping. It is one of a beautiful cake kits which especially attracts little girls who are a huge fan of a pony. It is not expensive at all and allows you to create a beautiful cake without any energy expenditure. All you need to do is buy these kits and decorate your cake to make your little ones extremely happy. These are also one of the most colorful kits and are like a moment captured of an imagination of a child.
Camping Cake Kit with Light up Tent by Cake Decorating
If you are taking your kids to a camping site, definitely choose camping cake kit with light up tent by cake decoration as your kit. Not only it is a colorful decoration of a cake, but might as well be enjoyed by your kids to extreme. It can also be used as a birthday cake. The sketch of the camp site drawn on this kit looks real and appeals to children.
Thomas the Train 3D Cake Kit with bonus Thomas DVD!
Thomas the Train is one of the favorite cartoon characters for children these days! Thomas the Train 3D Cake Kit is a 3D design of a Thomas the Train. It looks real and is perfect for birthday occasion especially for those children who are a huge fan of Thomas the Train. With this kit, you also get a Thomas DVD. Well, this is a great deal as children would love to see episodes of Thomas the Train in one go through a DVD.
Popco Super Mario Series 1 Set of 6 Mini Party Figures Mario, Peach, Toad, Luigi, Yoshi Donkey Kong by PopCo (Formerly Master Replicas)
For all those Super Mario lovers, who have played the game super Mario? Well most of us have played this game in our childhood and we all are a big fan of this character with his party figures! Get a birthday cake kit of these figures and enjoy birthday of your little ones. They would love to see all their favorite characters in one little cake.
Birthday Present Cupcake Kit by Crispie Sweets - Sprinkles and Baking Cups Set by Crispie Sweets
This is another great idea of a birthday cake. Little cupcakes are considered as a favorite treat for children. These are various designs of cute little cupcakes which looks beautiful and delicious. Each of these kits contains sixty baking cups. This kit will also contain sprinkle jars for the decoration. These are available in various varieties.
Boys Soccer Team Cake Kit by Cake Decorating
These kits are for the huge soccer fan. This kit has soccer players, goal keepers and a whole scene of a soccer game.