If you are reading this article in particular, than you might be the one responsible for planning the bridal shower to celebrate the soon to be bride.

So how can you best show those that you have invited, how they can express their love and care for the bride? With unique bridal shower games, of course!

Anyone can throw a bunch of M&Ms into a jar and then ask the shower guests how many of these were placed inside. While this might be a classic, it is a classic that should have been on it's way out a long time ago.

Frankly, there is no real fun in that game, as it is kind of like a random game of chance. While this might be good for some people, I have opted to give you two ideas that might inspire you to take your bridal shower to the next level.

This will surely get your guests laughing and having a great time, before the cake and the passing out of presents.

One fun idea for you to try is to wait until your guests are seated, and then have a member of the wedding party walk out with a tray full of a random assortment of items. Somewhere between 12-15 items should be good.

Walk slowly around the room and allow the guests to see all of the items. Then have the person who walked the items around wait outside the room, pass out some papers and pencils.

Ask the people to recall what the person showing the tray of items was wearing. Sit back and watch the laughter roll through as no one was prepared to answer that question!

Another game involves asking the groom about 25 personal questions about his life. The object for the guests will be to guess how many questions that the bride will get right, the one who is closest wins a prize.

For every question that the bride misses, though, she has to put a piece of bubble gum in her mouth. I suggest getting bigger gumballs as this will add to the hilarity.

There are plenty of unique bridal shower games like this that will keep your guests having a great time, while they get a chance to show the bride to be how much they care.