Military Cake Decoration

Little boys love toy guns and army games. This is the reason why this is one of the best themes to choose for a little boy’s birthday party. You can make the party like an army-like atmosphere by putting in toy guns, tanks and army costumes. The celebrant will surely enjoy his birthday party. Of course, a birthday will never be complete without a cake or tower of cupcakes. The cake or cupcakes can also be given a touch of army by adding Call of Duty Army cake decorations. These will certainly add more fun and enjoyment to the party. Make your child’s next party something memorable.

Support Our Troops Yellow Ribbon Cupcake Picks - 12ct

This cupcake picks set shows text of ‘Support Our Troops’ which can make the party even more army-like. With this set, you can put your own personal touch to the cupcake. This can be re-used for other events which will have the theme of army or Call of Duty. The set contains 12 picks in color yellow. These may be used for an event for an adult or kid. These will surely add more fun to the party as the cupcakes or cake also follows the theme.

American Flag Cupcake Picks - 24 Flags

This is a perfect cupcake topper that features the American Flag in support to the Army. This set has 24 flags which are made of paper attached to plastic poles. These can be topped onto cupcakes or even cakes to give that personal army touch. You can design your cake any way you want it. You can also add other decorations like soldiers or army tanks along with these flag picks.

My Hero Patriotic Cake or Cupcake Toppers (12 pack)My Hero Patriotic Cake or Cupcake ToppersCredit:

These are cupcake or cake toppers with different texts which support the army. There are three designs for the toppers. These can even be worn as rings while eating the cupcakes. This set contains 12 toppers with varied designs. This is a great way to design the cake with patriotic texts which are perfect for the army or Call of Duty theme. Each cupcake can have one on top so that will match the theme as well.

Patriotic Loop Ribbon Cupcake Picks - 12ct

These can be topped onto cupcakes or cake. You can design your own Call of Duty Army cake with these toppers. It features various styles and designs that show support to the army and will surely add more life to the cake or cupcake that is used for a party with an army or Cal of Duty theme. Loop ribbons are the latest trend in showing support to a certain cause or group. Your cake will surely be stylish and trendy with these patriotic loop ribbons topped on it.



Military Cake Supplies



Camouflage Cupcake Wrappers

These are perfect cupcake wrappers for an army or Call of Duty themed party. It features a camouflage design which makes the cupcakes look like they are specifically made for the army. It comes with 12 wrappers per pack. This is the most appropriate color or design to choose for a Call of Duty theme.

Military Robot Tank Cake Topper

This cake topper features a military tank. It can easily be topped onto a cake that will be served in a party that makes use of the Call of Duty theme. You can even add some soldier or army topper so that the cake will look like a battle field. This tanker can even turn into a military robot. You can either use both designs for your cake.

Military Cake Topper


Military Robot Tank Cake TopperCredit:


If the cake is designed for a Call of Duty themed wedding celebration, then this cake topper featuring a military wedding is perfect. You can make your own design on the cake and top it with this cake topper. This figurine is made of porcelain and measures 8 ½ high.

Bakery Crafts Military Vehicle Cake Kit

Bakery Crafts Military Vehicle Cake KitCredit:

If you would like to design your own cake to make it look like a Call of Duty environment, you can use these military vehicles cake toppers. This can perfectly match with the theme of the party as it will turn an ordinary cake into an army battle field. You can also add some more decorations to the cake to make it look realistic and attractive. You can try adding flags or soldiers around the vehicle. This will make the cake look like there is a battle going on. This will surely add life to the party.

One Dozen (12) Military Rubber Ducks

These army ducks will make a perfect cake for a party that has the theme of Call of Duty. Each duck can represent a certain character which can be topped onto a cake. It is best used for cakes that will be personally designed. The set contains 12 army ducks in various designs. They measure 2” x 2”. These cute rubber duckies perfectly represent the army in a cute way. These are best used for a children’s party with the army or call of duty theme.

Patriotic Baking Cups with Picks

This baking cups and picks have patriotic army designs which can be perfect to make the party match with its theme Call of Duty Army. Each pack contains 100 baking cups and picks with various designs.  Each of the baking cups measure 1 1/2" tall and 3" wide. This is perfect for a huge birthday or event where the theme is closely related to the army or to the Call of Duty theme. You can also use variations on the designs as there are other baking cups with army designs. This will add more color and life to the party. These are perfect to use in children’s party.


Military Cake Supplies