One of the most interesting aspects of traveling is the variety of new and unique places you can see that is totally unlike anything you are used to seeing back at home. Regardless of where you travel in the World you will experience new things, but some Countries offer new and unique things at an entirely new level. China is one of those Countries where people are familiar with many of their famous landmarks such as the Great Wall of China, yet when they actually see the Great Wall in person that are literally astounded at the depth and history that this Country offers.

Here are some not be missed sites in China that will make you jaw drop and encourage you to fill up your digital cameras memory card with pictures of landmarks that definitely cannot be seen back home from where you reside. China is a hige Country with a very large population, but you will find that overall the people are very fascinating. What me may perceive to be rudness may simply be the people in a rush to get where they are going in the big City. In China the pace of life tends to be much slower and more relaxed in the rural areas.



Bicycles can be found all over the World including in your garage at home, but rarely are bikes used in the United States like they can be in China. For some people the bicycle is their lifeline to getting around and supporting themselves.


Chinese SlumsCredit:

Slum neighborhoods and rundown areas can be seen all over the Globe, but it is especially unique to look at when in China because we are often bombarded by the beautiful images of Shanghai and other magnificent pictures of China, yet the Western Media does not seem to spend

Unique Architecture

Unique ArchitectureCredit:

Obviously China has some architectural styles that are unique to their Country and people all over the World instantly recognize this style of Architecture and associate it with China. The people in China view this architecture as normal, yet they like to do new and unique architectural styles also like the building sin the image above.

Kaiping Diaolou

Kaiping DiaolouCredit:

One of the most unique styles of buildings is the Kaiping Diaolou. A  Kaiping Diaolou is a fortified multistoried structure. At one time there were well over 3,000 Kaiping Diaolou in China. Today there are over 1,800 Kaiping Diaolous still standing. The historic precedence of these amazing structures is irrelevant to the beauty they can provide to tourists.

Chinese People

Chinese PeopleCredit:

Obviously the best place to find Chinese people is in China, but the people can often appear very unique to where we are from. Obviously the skin tone and the slanted eyes make them different looking but who cares about that. I am referring to the styles and mannerisms of the Chinese, especially the Elderly Chinese who live and reside in the rural areas of China. These people are amazing to watch their mannerism and their styles of dress are very unique.

Bayinbuluke National Nature Reserve

Bayinbuluke National Nature ReserveCredit:

The Bayinbuluke National Nature Reserve in China is spectacular to view. You have the meandering waterways that are encroached by the huge snow covered mountains. This area has numerous swans to view and take pictures of. A large percentage of the World’s Swan population calls the Bayinbuluke National Nature Reserve home.

Expo Park Celebration Square in Shangahi

Expo Park Celebration Square in ShangahiCredit:

The Expo Park Celebration Square in Shangahi was home to the World Fair Shangahi in 2010. This area has laser shows, water shows, concerts, multiple venues, and numerous entertainment attractions. It is rare when there is nothing going on here at the Expo Park Celebration Square in Shangahi, yet even on slow nights this area is very photographic.

Chinese Food

Chinese Food(111064)Credit:

In China you will find authentic Chinese food, even though it may vary drastically from the Americanized Chinese food that you are used to eating back home. There is a wide variety of food that is served in China. One of the neatest things to do is try out and experiment with eating new foods and the street side vendors provide one of the easiest and most affordable ways to tease your palate with new tastes. Some of the food you see may look totally disgusting, especially before it is cooked, but if you give it a shot you may find that you actually enjoy it. It is of course going to be slightly revolting to see a slab of dead meat hanging and not being sure what type of meat it is.

The Forbidden City

The Forbidden City(111066)Credit:

The Forbidden City is located in the Center of Beijing, China. The Forbidden City use to be home to the Ming Dynasty Royalty and elevated status of other people such as military leaders. The Ming Dynasty used this as a private enclave to the Palace for around 500 years.


Pandas in ChinaCredit:

The best place to see Pandas are in China, but you probably will not see one in the Wild. You will however be able to see numerous Pandas in the various zoos and nature reserves located throughout China.

Junk Boats

Junk ShipCredit:

Junk Boats are ancient ships that are still in use. You will see that these boats may make you feel like you are in a pirate boat from an old movie. There is no Johnny Depp to be found on these ships but the fact that these boats are still in use are truly amazing. Junk boats are still b produced and manufactured, but a lot of the junk boats in China you see will be very old.


China StatuesCredit:

Throughout China you will find a huge variety of Statues. Many of these Statues may be hundreds or even thousands of years old. When you find old statues in China it is vital you treat them with respect and do not to anything to damage these majestic artifacts’. In China there may be the largest variety and number of antique statues to be found in larger numbers than anyother Country in the World.