Unique Christmas decorations allow you to pay homage to tradition while sticking with your own personal style. This is a way to customize your decor to the overall feeling of your home. The decorations will only be up for a few weeks but you'll have to store them year round. If you are really tight on storage you may just want to repurpose your everyday decorations into Christmas decor to save money and space.

You can make craft Christmas decorations for a sense of whimsy that is also easy on the wallet. String oversized pom-poms into a garland or turn them into a wreath. You can even just go for of a one of a kind color palette like teal and brown. This will blend in with the rest of the décor of your house and store bought wreaths and garlands will be unique because of your color scheme.

Unique Christmas ideas can center around the tree or incorporate a theme like using country Christmas decor. This may be the only decoration that you set up in a smaller apartment or condo. For a modern Christmas tree look for one that hangs upside down by suspending it from the ceiling. It will act as a piece of sculpture in your room and still brings in that traditional ever green color. You can also find an aluminum tree that is colorful such as orange or pink to really show off your personality. You can glue buttons or pieces of candy to Styrofoam cones for colorful tree decorations. Instead of traditional stockings hang paper cones on the tree. You can decorate the cones with scrap booking paper, ribbon, monograms and lace. Santa can leave gifts in the cones.

You can make a unique Christmas ornament to show off your style and give a traditional tree a unique look. The trick is to use items that you love but aren't traditionally for the holidays. For a beach theme try hanging seashells from strings. You can decorate Styrofoam balls by sticking in old brooches and mismatched jewelry for ornaments that glitter and tell a story.

Unique Christmas decorations can fit in with the existing color scheme of your home. Red and green may clash with your decor or just seems too traditional. Instead of using a garland, hang a white feather boa around indoor windows and doorways. You can also repurpose items that were never meant for Christmas like adding in paper lanterns. Create the look of a wrapped present by putting a jar full of lights inside a cellophane bag. These will turn into illuminated faux presents. If you live in an area that doesn't have a white Christmas show off what your location does have: flowers. You can put red and white flowers in a grouping and place vases full of candy canes and peppermints next to the floral arrangement to give it a touch of Christmas.