If you want to surprise your loved ones this holiday with something just a little bit extraordinary, then consider purchasing them some interesting, exhilarating, and unique Christmas gifts. Your imagination can spark wonderful ideas if you just let it go. There are some amazing gifts out there for the adventurer, the food critic, the employee, the romantic, and the photographer in your life.

Does your other half enjoy the adventure that life has to offer. Exploring new places, and learning how to do new things brings enrichment and fulfillment to ones live, and creates memories that last forever. What's more, you can give a gifts that the two of you can enjoy together, or the recipient can experience alone. Here are some ideas to get you started, and this businesses can all be found online. So with the touch of a finger, and a little bit of creativity you can make Christmas come alive.

The Adventurer

Giftybox: You can give someone a truly one of a kind gift experience neatly wrapped up in the perfect little box. You just pick out a theme by interest, recipient, or by region for the person of your choice. The recipient receives a guidebook and a gift pass that offers choice and flexibility. There website is down until after Thanksgiving. After Thanksgiving, they will have 40 new adventures for you to choose from.

Cloudy9Living offers over 1,700 adventure gifts in 43 cities making it easy to find the experience that is just right for your family member. They offer everything from hot air balloon rides to combat air mission. If your recipient doesn't like to leave the ground, then they can race a Lamborghini or get a Harley to ride for the day. They have every package imaginable. Gift packages start out as little as $100.00, and can be exchanged for another adventure if desired, or it can be completely refunded within 30 days. The gifts comes in a beautiful blue box ready to put under the Christmas tree.

The Photographer

Light Affections has a beautiful collection of lighted photo gifts that can please anyone. They can make you a personalized, framed, standing light to put on your fireplace, desk, nightstand, or any special place that you want to make a statement that says I love you. You can also have them carve you a picture from a personal photo, and they will turn it into your favorite nightlight. Furthermore, they offer a ready to buy collection to chose from, however, it is small. These gifts run from $45.00 to $240.00. So give the gift of a wonderful memory captured in light.

PersonalCreations has mini canvas stands that you can upload your photo to and write a message for that special person in your life. The message graces the photo canvas, and the photo appears slightly faded in the back ground underneath your verses. It is a precious and unique Christmas gift for less than twenty bucks.

The Romancer

Starregistry.com can name a star after someone you love. You will get a certificate on parchment paper with the name of the star, coordinates, and the date it was named on. You will also get a sky chart showing it's location circled in red. A booklet about astronomy comes along with this package, in addition to a letter of congratulation. That is the cheapest package available. They will do this for as little as $55.00 for their basic package, and up to $155.00 for their ultimate package. Their name will go down in history as the official name for that star.

At zChocolat, world champion chocolatier, Pascal Caffet, has created 15 different award winning chocolates that are regarded as the finest French chocolates in the world. The presentation of his exquisite creations are just as important as the taste. Richly design packaging consist of all natural basswood boxes with engraved brass plates on the front to the deluxe collection which arrives in a handcrafted mahogany chest top box with a personalized 3D photo laser beamed on a brass plate affixed to the lid. For corporate christmas gift ideas they will laser the corporate logo on the top. It is a gift that embodies taste, art, and sophistication. Chocolates start at $19.00 and go up to $436.69

At berries.com you will find that Sharis Berries are covered with a decadent chocolate concoction and a mouthwatering design. They have even designed some of them to look like miniature footballs for the sport enthusiast. They also sell chocolate covered cherries, caramel dipped apples, cakes, brownies, cupcakes, and truffles all reasonably priced.

The Food Connoisseur

If you have some one in your family that loves fining dining, then I have got the ultimate gift idea for you. Head on over to the Gourmet Station for up to a year of fine chef prepared gourmet meals sent right to their home. This can be a bit pricey, but it is such a luxurious present that will have their taste buds tantalized. You can order meals for as little at 3, 6, 9, and 12 months delivery in their Dinner of the Month Club. You can get a 3 or 4 coarse dinner for 2 sent to their home ready to heat up and feast on. There are a total of six different month clubs that they provide which consist of soup, seafood, steak, dessert, dinner, and food of the month. This gift can run as high as $1,100.00 for a years worth of fine dining. In addition to this, they have 5 day international meal plans that only cost a $100.00, and special days plan for events like birthdays, anniversaries, birthdays, and congratulatory occasions.

Christmas at the Office

If you oversee a department or are a doctor in a hospital, then you should leave something at the office for your support staff. After all, they do most of the leg work that makes you look good. So don't forget about these guys this year. At harryanddavids you will probably find exactly what you are looking for to provide unique Christmas gifts to your employees and support staff. They offer a wide array of gift baskets that contain fruits, nuts, popcorn, cookies, and holiday treats. You should be able to find the right sized basket to fit your departments needs.

These are some very unique Christmas gifts that will surprise and amaze even the most pessimistic scrooge in your world. If you have any really different ideas like these, please leave a comment and let me know.